i eat scene kids for breakfast (_____robot_hate) wrote,
i eat scene kids for breakfast

people using me for various reasons=fuck that shit bitch

im going to coney island
with some friends
it's gonna be sick

justin and i are hosting a campout.
you're all invited
except for a few
and you should know who you are.

leftover crack/subhumans on july 19
any takers?

sotu is most likley off

jeremy informed me that the tickets are now $51.55
so i'm obviously not driving him anymore
dylan wont give me a straight answer


and justin doesnt want to go.

i'm broke and dont have 51.55 so unless one of those three nukkas are still going i guess im not.

still trying to get truman to get us backstage at hellfest.
it would be pretty sick
but it isnt looking too good
my mom doesnt seem to keen about the whole idea.

she's so stuck in '77

speaking of '77
i found a shitload of old 45's and other vynal shit in the basement
lots of crass
and the buzzcocks
the clash
dead boys

fucking sick

i hate you

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