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holy hell
im not sure if any of you guys understand quite how pissed off i am right now.
seriously i could kill a stuffed animal, yeah im fucking pissed.
you see
last night i was supposed to go to cbgb's for the last chance to pogo show...well turns out my ride backs out on me and i am stuck at home.


how come whenever the unseen are even in the vacinity of where i live i always miss them due to unefficient ride abilities.
i need a car.
or a bike, if i could ride a bike.

im not sure if i will be able to leave the house today, due to excessive
piss-offage ness. i am so mad.
i might 'blow a gasket' as my mother said.

i'm as mad as a mother bear.

a fat
mother bear.

i might have to eat you.
especially if you are hXc ;dskfaoitra;sdkjgh
becacuse hardcore kids usually tend to be quite delicious morning snacks.
if i do say so myself.
but light on the syrup please.
gawddamn diabetics cant have alot of shugar.

sugga momma.

i effin hate the proud family.
its obnoxious.


alright enough of my typical pointless elongated entries, which nobody bothers to read because they are so long. [i know i hate reading long entries, i do it. but i hate it] it is time to bid you all adeiu.
untill next time young adventurers.



yeah i had something else to say, but i didnt want to make another post. lol.


it only just struck me how old the adicts must be. i mean not like tye're out of date. but how old, age wise. hmm....im going to see them.. so effin stoked.

fucking droogs.

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