September 7th, 2005


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we love school.
and hearts semi colon

so the spiders are still there.
theres like 5 now.
i dont know where they came from. its creepy.
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no etid i guess. if i could have found a ticket/ride it would have been sick. it sucks because my mom is gay. she needs to learn to clarify which days im staying overnight at the hospital and which are just set-up appointments. stupid.

i made like 400 black flag layouts.
a briefs one.
a cock sparrer
an adicts
a bouncing souls.
and a couple others.
if you're interested lemme know.

television is stupid and booring.

tv party tonight.....i ♥ mah pop.

oh yeah i cut my hair.
colored it.
cha cha.
we did the tango!