oh shit!!!

k so.
last night was my dance recital.

my mum loves seferino.
fucking everyone does.
he's amazing.
we have a crush on min suk together.

alexis sang nice.
simon played well<3
my fucking love

i think im going to ask ji hoon to sleep over next weekend when seffy does.
i <3 beautiful asian boys.

mrs. st john talked to my mum about how everyone thinks that im a skanky hoe.
she talked to my mom about how i needed to make sure i kept my reputation clean.
same thing?
itz cause alexis and evelyn and all of cottage have like midnight gossip meetings.

i never use this journal.
so heres some pictures:
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we love school.
and hearts semi colon

so the spiders are still there.
theres like 5 now.
i dont know where they came from. its creepy.
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no etid i guess. if i could have found a ticket/ride it would have been sick. it sucks because my mom is gay. she needs to learn to clarify which days im staying overnight at the hospital and which are just set-up appointments. stupid.

i made like 400 black flag layouts.
a briefs one.
a cock sparrer
an adicts
a bouncing souls.
and a couple others.
if you're interested lemme know.

television is stupid and booring.

tv party tonight.....i ♥ mah pop.

oh yeah i cut my hair.
colored it.
cha cha.
we did the tango!


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rise against and comeback kid were sick
fata was bleh.
the loved ones were nothing more than i expected.

it was a good show.
the pit was alright.
all in all it was better than san fransisco.

kelsey made me laugh

school starts soon
fuck that shit bitch.


mkay mother fuckers

okay, so here's the deal.

vicki/vikki/vicky/vikky/i dunno how to spell my fucking aunt's name
called this morning saying that they were going to hellfest [that being her and truman]
and that they were gonna get backstage passes most likley.

so yeah.

i'm torn.
because i cant go see the dead boy's with my mum, and go to hellfest.
now in most cases i would take the dead boys in a heart beat, but getting backstage at hellfest seems kinda nice because i could finally murder fucking anti-flag for even trying to cover a buzzcocks song
but my mum really really wants to see the dead boys, and so do I.
especially since it will probobly be my last chance, and since it will help try to keep CBGB's open.
my mum wants to go see them even more than I do.
and i'm torn.
so yeah

i'd rather see the dead boys, than murder anti-flag for trying to cover a buzzcocks song, but still.

in fact i dont know why i'm even comparing the two. wow i'm dumb.

still, i'll see what i can do.
maybe i can get vicki/vikki/vicky/vikky/whatever to get a few passes for dylan and whoever he goes with. because i feel bad even though i never gave a deffinate yes.
i'd rather try and have it not work out, than not bother and have three extra passes that have no purpose. you know.


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people using me for various reasons=fuck that shit bitch

im going to coney island
with some friends
it's gonna be sick

justin and i are hosting a campout.
you're all invited
except for a few
and you should know who you are.

leftover crack/subhumans on july 19
any takers?

sotu is most likley off

jeremy informed me that the tickets are now $51.55
so i'm obviously not driving him anymore
dylan wont give me a straight answer


and justin doesnt want to go.

i'm broke and dont have 51.55 so unless one of those three nukkas are still going i guess im not.

still trying to get truman to get us backstage at hellfest.
it would be pretty sick
but it isnt looking too good
my mom doesnt seem to keen about the whole idea.

she's so stuck in '77

speaking of '77
i found a shitload of old 45's and other vynal shit in the basement
lots of crass
and the buzzcocks
the clash
dead boys

fucking sick

i hate you

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im sorry about every thing that went down this year
it was all such a fucking waste of time
i made amazing friends

they all went to dust
i'm a fucking shithead for being so stupid
i think i just have high expectations
and when i try so hard to be a good friend
and i dont get it in return
it just makes me mad
and then  i fuck up amazing friendships because of it
i feel pretty shitty about everything
and i wish i could just go back and make it better
eventhough i know i cant
i fucked up big time
and i know that even though i'm sorry
its not going to make anything better

it really wasnt all your fault


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another pointless post



yes that was a very important post.
im so stoked.

august is a very good month

yes. major scorage.

DFJALKSfdjalkfgIM SO STOKEDkSadf;jkasdfoiasd
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holy hell
im not sure if any of you guys understand quite how pissed off i am right now.
seriously i could kill a stuffed animal, yeah im fucking pissed.
you see
last night i was supposed to go to cbgb's for the last chance to pogo show...well turns out my ride backs out on me and i am stuck at home.


how come whenever the unseen are even in the vacinity of where i live i always miss them due to unefficient ride abilities.
i need a car.
or a bike, if i could ride a bike.

im not sure if i will be able to leave the house today, due to excessive
piss-offage ness. i am so mad.
i might 'blow a gasket' as my mother said.

i'm as mad as a mother bear.

a fat
mother bear.

i might have to eat you.
especially if you are hXc ;dskfaoitra;sdkjgh
becacuse hardcore kids usually tend to be quite delicious morning snacks.
if i do say so myself.
but light on the syrup please.
gawddamn diabetics cant have alot of shugar.

sugga momma.

i effin hate the proud family.
its obnoxious.


alright enough of my typical pointless elongated entries, which nobody bothers to read because they are so long. [i know i hate reading long entries, i do it. but i hate it] it is time to bid you all adeiu.
untill next time young adventurers.



yeah i had something else to say, but i didnt want to make another post. lol.


it only just struck me how old the adicts must be. i mean not like tye're out of date. but how old, age wise. hmm....im going to see them.. so effin stoked.

fucking droogs.
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