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[03 Jan 2007|04:47pm]
Big Things.

[18 Mar 2006|11:07pm]
this is what i do to tiresCollapse )
I rule at life.
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[04 Feb 2006|08:53pm]
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[17 Jan 2006|07:31pm]
I hate when he doesn't call.
It makes me think he's dead.
I hope he isn't dead.
Cause I kinda like him.
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[31 Dec 2005|05:25pm]
-99.1 turned to latin music
-missed seeing GWAR at the recher
-mr. basset was shot
+got an awesome haircut
-my guitar's jack got fucked up
+kicked ass during my part of the day of silence prayers talk
-mr. colglazier died
-my bunny rabbit died
+hfstival at raven's staduim
+got my braces off
-thea going off to college
+learners permit
-juinor year
+Oasis at merriweather
+\-GWAR at the 9:30 club
+my brithday
+HIM at the 9:30 club on my birthday
-new driving laws
+my nerotic guinea pig

best moment of 2005...
I punched a fat guy

looking forward to in 2006...
getting my license
spending january-june just playing guitar because I have to
berklee agian, hopefully seeing people from last summer plus thea
senior year

I feel like Keats & it scares me.
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[08 Dec 2005|09:03pm]
Image hosted by Photobucket.com
It's been a long 25 years.
Rest in Peace.
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[23 Nov 2005|11:58am]
Yesterday was the best birthday I've had.

It kinda started off good on Monday only cause of a phonecall.
Angelo said he didn't know if he should talk to me when he did on Monday afternoon cause he wanted to wait til midnight to call and sing to me.
A lot of the time I really doubt he cares about me at all, but I could be wrong.

Tuesday November 22
+ Nnanners broke into my house & woke me up at 6am to take me to IHOP for breakfast. She wrapped the passagner seat of he car for me & gave me presents.
-She dropped me off @ school & then she went home.
+Rachel running up the hallway to give me a birthday hug.
+Liza's awesome locker decorating skills & everyone's little notes on the paper.
+/-All the hugs.
+/-The pointless half day of school.
+Hanging out with Liza in the art room & my awesome start on a painting.
+Angelo's message he left on my phone.
+Lunch at Towson Diner with Nnanners, Liza, Millin, & Annie.
+Liza's DJ skills on the little jukeboxes they have.
+Nnanners & Liza's little feud with the guy in the booth behind us @ lunch
+Liza taking me to Record & Tape Traders after lunch.
+Liza driving me home & going to the Adopt-a-Pet to see the kitties. Found the most awesomest cat ever. Liza said it reminder her of me cause it was mangy too. She looks like a little Mountian Lion. I <3 Miss Kenya.
+Elise coming over for like an hour to hang out & bringing 6 grams with her.
+The car ride down to DC with Nadia & Jess.
+Finding the 9:30 Club's monitered parking lot.
It's on 9th street NOT 8th street.
+Scalping the extra ticket for gas money.
-Getting pushed to the way back of the line around the corner of the block in the alley where it's a fucking wind tunnel.
+Seeing the car accident happen @ V Street & 8th street in front of the 9:30 Club.
+Getting inside & finding a good spot on the balcony to see the stage.
+\-The opening bands. They were good & I liked them but I just wanted to see what I came for.
+The car ride home from DC with Nadia & Jess.
+Getting home at 1:30 & sleeping til 11:30 this morning.

The best "you're no longer jailbait" day anyone could have.

[edit 3:58]
Lane (a friend from Berklee) just called me to wish me a happy birthday cause he thought it was today. That made my day.
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[30 Oct 2005|11:41pm]
Current "what's going on" is as follows.

-Inebriated people piss me the fuck off.
-I hate most of the few friends I have.
+I have a boy that I could stand to be with for the rest of my life...
-...but we need to live together to make it work & so I can keep my eye on him.
-Him & I need to have a long talk about our current & future state together.
-I have been feeling like a gross sweaty cow the passed few days.
-I have been told by almost every adult I know that 'I'm stupid & will never amount to anything'.
-I'm surrounded by morons who don't fucking get it at all.

2 out of 8 isn't bad.
So life's good?
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[23 Oct 2005|09:49am]
Here's a sinking feeling in my chest like there's a hole; I'm missing an important piece.
I only get it when he isn't around.
I should have had him spend the night so he wouldn't have a long drive home at 2 am.

It's pathetic how I miss him.
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[10 Oct 2005|05:28pm]
If you care about my future & well-being, whenever you see being lazy please tell me to

get off my ass & do something

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[22 Aug 2005|12:55pm]
I got my learners permit bitches!
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[15 Aug 2005|03:53pm]
As a warning, Don't read this if you don't want to here me bitching.

I know I bitched so much about Berklee & Boston while I was there but I did have fun. I really loved it up there because of the friends I made & the independance I had. I didn't care for the school all that much but I have been considering going there for a semster or two for college. It's not a bad school, it's just too theory based for my liking.

Now it's time for me to be sad about my friends being all over the US & some in differnt countries. But hopefully if my parents feel like spend 1400$ for a round trip flight to Maine I'll be able to see my friend Mark.

I was crying so much when I left & I was crying so much the past 2 days.

I wish that I was still at Berklee. I miss the beach(outside the dorm where people would sit and smoke)so fucking much.
I miss the park where I could swing while watching everyone else getting drunk or high. I miss having something to do.

I can't listen to Rod Stewart without thinking about Berklee.
I can't listen to Gwar or Motorhead or Snoop Dogg without thinking about Angelo.
I can't listen to Black Sabbath or Ozzy without thinking about Josh.
I can't listen to Dane Cook or A Perfect Circle without thinking about Rob.
I can't listen to Beck or NIN without thinking about Trevor.
I can't listen to Incubus or Pink Floyd without thinking about Lauren.
I can't listen to The Beatles without thinking about Basil & Jesse.
There is so much music I can't listen to now because it makes me miss people.
I can't watch Anchorman without thinking about Karl.
I can't watch Rocky Horror without thinking about Eliza, the most awesomest R.A. ever.
I can't see those Enzyte commercials on tv without thinking about Kris. I miss my little bitch, he would go out and get me Chinese food at 1 am cause he was a 12 week student and didn't have curfew.
I can't listen to any of the 40 CDs or 10 vinyls that I bought while I was up there without thinking about Boston.
I don't think I'll be able to smoke anymore Bali Shag without thinking about Mark, my little chain smoker.I won't be able to have a cigarette in my hand without thinking about Angelo saying I looked like a monkey with a knife when I smoke. I miss being the creature of the beach!

Sam is the only one I can see whenever I want cause he lives in Towson but I still miss him.
I can still see Bonnie cause she only lives in Waldorf which isn't that far.

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