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Things have never been so swell [entries|friends|calendar]

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have you ever... [10. 28. 04 // @ 4 : 08 pm]
[ mood | goooooddddd about this ]

yale: "makin me hella hella hella randy n shit giiiirrrlllll"

[always gotta be archin ur little back and workin' ur little ass]

hmmm i made an icon for yale. i hope he likes it. jusin gave me a picture of him and collins. why is everyone sending me pictures of collins? WHY!?!?1 god dammit. i try to keep him off my mind. oh well. is not as if they know what went on. OH FUCKING WELL.

you're just too good to be trueCollapse )

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TONIGHT SUCKED [10. 9. 04 // @ 9 : 39 pm]
[ mood | almost emotionally devistated ]

i went to battle of the bands..i saw the best band ever, -courtesy of you- and i got a pin and a sticker, after that my night went to shit. okay, to get what happened tonight, i have to take you all the way to friday-last night- okay, i asked chris-collins- to talk to me alone and he said sure and i told him i really liked him and he said back to me "im sorry, but right now, im not physically able to be in a relationship" and i said "i understand" and everything was kool-aid. now, tonight, i was sitting alone stareing at people when i saw chris with jennifer-or jessica[i keep forgetting her name]- and he was holding hands with her, sure that was fine, no big deal i always hold hopes hand. then, he kissed her, yah okay.. getting kinda rawr but it was just on the cheek, and on the head, and on the neck...i recive the same-cept not on the neck- then he started wipsering to her..secrets or..somehting else i duno..she giggled..yah thats fine, then he kissed her on the lips ever so beautifully...then i got so sad. i felt tears coming on and i tryed, honestly i tryed to stop them but i couldn't. so i sat there and cryed for like 30 mins, and i belive ALMOST EVERYONE i know came up to me and asked what was wrong-and no, i didn't tell them- besides chris and jennifer-or jessica..or what ever- and that really hurts. he lied to me. i hope he was just being flirty or something..or is she the one i was told about..with that BIG thing im not supposed to know about...i REALLY hope not oh my god i hope not.

anyways...this is to him-someone tell him or something-:

i'll wait until you're willing to listen, i won't say a word to you. i still like you, but it hurts..

thats it..lol

why do they always make me cry?

btw i will be posting my new LJ morrow iight?


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[10. 8. 04 // @ 1 : 27 pm]
[ mood | emotionless ]

dear heart,
he's back again, prepare to shatter.

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[10. 7. 04 // @ 9 : 20 pm]
hey i know this is gona end up being a big fucking slap in my face, ut im just gona get a new journal..soo..yah..soon enough.

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he's not making this easy.. [10. 7. 04 // @ 2 : 03 pm]
[ mood | hopeful ]

i miss squid..i think if i get a hold of him i will ask him to homecoimg?

i'll always be a sucker to sad music that i can dedicate to him:
what would you say if i asked you not to go? to forget everyone, forget everything and start over with me.. would you take my hand and never let me go? promise me you'll never let me go. and now the stars aren't out tonight..and neither are we to look up at them..why does hello feel like goodbye?-i can't belive i forgot this part- take this broken heart and make it right. i feel like..i lost everything when you're gona..like remembering what it's like to have you here with me. i thought u should know, you're not making this easy

<lj-cut text="take my hand..and never let me go">

okay im done...


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