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2 March
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Hi, I'm Laura. ♥

I write what's on my mind, and I take lots of pictures.

I'm a Christian. That doesn't translate to 'closeminded' and 'uptight', though, just to clear up any confusion. - :) - I'm outspoken when it comes to sharing my faith/beliefs.

I like art. I like big cities. I write, sing, and play guitar. I love my friends & family more than anything. I love movies, cuddling on the couch, Starbucks, reading, writing, and scrapbooking.

Half of my heart is overseas serving with the Army, but we're nearing the end of his first deployment, so things will be changing drastically in a matter of weeks.

As for the Friends only deal, ask, and I probably wouldn't mind adding. Cool? Cool.


adam pascal, adam watts, anthony rapp, army, art, audio adrenaline, backstreet boys, baltimore, barnes & noble, beach, bebo norman, ben & jerry's, benjamin gate, bethany dillon, bible, boyz ii men, brad pitt, brandy, brian mcknight, britney spears, brittany murphy, broadway, camping, candles, cereal, chris rice, christian lindskog, christmas, cinderella, cities, concerts, cooking, copeland, cosmopolitan, cuddling, dancing, dane cook, david beckham, dawson's creek, dc talk, detour180, diamonds, driving, eva mendes, ferrero rochers, flip flops, forever21, frappuccinos, friends, god, guitar, hot cocoa, hugs, icons, incubus, india arie, italian food, jaci velasquez, janet jackson, jars of clay, jason morant, jennifer knapp, jeremy camp, jessica simpson, jewel, john mayer, john reuben, journaling, keith sweat, kisses, kurt halsey, kutless, laguna beach, late nights, laughing, linkin park, lists, liz phair, long talks, long walks, love, mae, magazines, mariah carey, massages, matt wertz, mercyme, michael jackson, michael vartan, michelle branch, monica, moose tracks, movies, mtv, mutemath, newsboys, nicholas sparks, nyc, ocean city, paris hilton, phil collins, phil joel, photography, pillar, poetry, rachel lampa, rachel mcadams, reading, real world, recipes, relient k, rent, road trips, rosario dawson, ryan cabrera, ryan gosling, scrapbooking, sean paul, shawn mcdonald, shinedown, shoes, singing, skillet, snow, starbucks, stars, sting, sunsets, superchic[k], suzy's zoo, swimming, swings, switchfoot, taking back sunday, tanning, the boardwalk, the notebook, the used, third day, tobymac, usher, victoria's secret, vince vaughn, volleyball, warm blankets, wet seal, will smith, winnie the pooh, winter, writing