kisses on the dancefloor in my past

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1 July 1982

"Only after disaster can we be resurrected." -Tyler Durden

"Pinched, slapped, stamped on by other patients, the object of unmentionable obscenities, her sexual mouth pulled and stretched by insane perversions, she, nevertheless, continued to move and live." -Frances Farmer

aesop rock, always sunny in philadelphia, apoptygma berzerk, bartending while still drunk, blacking out, chuck palahniuk, courtney love, creating shitshows, debauchery, defenestrate, depeche mode, donnie darko, equal rights, grindhouse, horror movies, idyllwild, intelligence, intoxicated writings, lady gaga, missing baltimore, mixed media art, opiates, osho, painting, physical modifications, pi, portishead, project pitchfork, red wine all day, self discovery/self destruction, skinny puppy, tattoos, tea, traveling anywhere, trying california lifestyle, valium, vincent kartheiser

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