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_____medic's Journal

tiger lily
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i smoke a lot of weed.
i'm ever changing.
i support legalization.
i have a big heart and i am extremely open-minded.
i want to meet new people so don't be afraid to add me.

"you've never really lived until you've waved to your first homeless person."
"hard drugs are for soccer teams that lose tournaments."
"i wonder how they punished helen keller. they probably made her feel things she didn't like." "LIKE BOILING WATER?!"
"i wanna be buried in the KISS casket."
"if i had muh money, maybe i would."
"just go to manchester and take a right."
"you'll meet a lot of fucked up people in this world. and you just met one of them."
"it's not a relationship unless you put out."
"they sound like new found glory with winter coats on."
"im soo gangsta. crownroyal and blunts all day every day."
"you're so epic."
"you remind me of a rugrat, but it's cute."
"awe, baby's never smoked out of a can before."
"once one stoner hears something, we all know."
"do these flowers make you want me?"