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they call me the rattlesnake. [entries|friends|calendar]

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[March 05>2005]

resignyourself .

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[February 25>2005]

i'm starting to miss a lot of things.. such as caley, bianca, kayla, amber, megan, kayla sweatman. & some other people. im growing apart from everyone, i feel like. i distance myself from everyone. wow, my emotions lately have only included sadness, but yeah. literally, i cant even sit down for a decent meal with my family without being sad. ugh, im going to stop whining, but one more thing... i really do wish ryan floyd and i hung out. i miss that kid like woah. :(

haha, im almost scared to know what you've got to say.
it will probally be along the lines of "YOU ARE SKANKY BITCH ASS WHO DOES HER FRIENDS WRONG." or something. oh well. lol C=

post a comment to this post, but post it anonymously.

o1. how you feel about me.
o2. what your first impression of me was.
o3. a fond memory you have of us.
o4. something you never told me but would have always liked to say. anything.

then, put this in your LJ to see what your friends have to say.

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[January 22>2005]
this bitch is friends only. ♥
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Saw a terrible crash [January 19>1979]
And it couldn't help but laugh.
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