okay, so i started an lj again. maybe this time i will actually keep up with it, ha.

i just got home from dinner. it was my sister's 15th birthday, aw how cute. but not really so cute. uhm, we went to maccayo's. i hate that place. mostly because i hate mexican food. and i had cheese, and im lactose, but i dont like anything else there. sooo, im in pain now, hmph.

today was an alright day. im kinda moody right now. but it was good. maybe because i didnt have to go to school until 11 30. good bless the aims. harhar. but tomorrow i have a full regular day how joyful. i have a lot of stuff to do, coming up. that i am already dreadddding. how lovely.

ive been pretty happy lately. its been good.

i feel weird seeing my dad sometimes, since he moved out. because he acts all sad and tried to make us pity him. and i always do. but i hate it. its his fault, so whatever. i guess.

toodles =).
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