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okay, so christmas, well, christmas was great

I got so much stuff that i wanted;

A cell phone [&&its adorable]
A guitar, yay!
A television for my room. [A FLAT SCREEN!]
A whole lot of money.
And just a whole bunch of other stuff thats too little to even name, just like makeup &scarves &bags and stuff.

Gosh, i <3 my family this year, ahah.

here comes the sun.

I focused in. The right ventricle of my heart thriving in slow vibrant colors. Tiny black deportations wound around my brain and flowed back through my chest. Trying to mistake the confusion for different negatives caught in the wrong stack of pictures never makes anything okay. Can't you see it? The days are in me now. Precedent years in a whirlwind of colors seem to facade with a greater alacrity then I had expected. It kills me, almost. Please don't make a sound; the stillness of this air is proving more to my advantage. I cannot begin to end these fixations. They won't stop. They couldn't stop even if you made me. And i'm okay with that. Yellow ribbons twist with certain turnabouts that just don't sit right in my stomach. I already told you what color they could be. Nothing more, and nothing less. Her height is reaching far past 5'4, alarming my perception. It will forever be too tall to play the part. You cannot join the callbacks& I don't dare to film this master script with a role nobody fits. I'm sorry for using these words in the wrong context, but with mornings like these all truth must be elongated sometimes. What I wouldn't give to stand at the bottom of that hill looking up, to watch my black cherry standout from miles away. Always dressed in the most decadent fashion; the juicy sunlight creating a vigilant luster against her hair. It was so fucking radiant that if somebody came within 10 feet of her, she would burn them. Shit, I wish you could have been there.