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I have some kind of temporary sanity in this.... [entries|friends|calendar]

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[15 Apr 2005|09:37pm]
i'm all lonely now cause of this school-wide trip. There were like 300 kids away from school, and besically everyone i knew was on that trip. Oh how nice, now they call from houston telling me about their going to the mall and im sitting here reading a damn book from the library.

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[28 Mar 2005|01:03am]
[ mood | euphoric ]

So I saw elephant tonight. APPLAUSE!. It was veryyy good. I'm about to rewatch it. Bowling for columbine was very good as well. I like how he covered a bit more than just columbine and how he pulled opinions from people.

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movies [26 Mar 2005|09:21pm]
[ mood | not so happy ]

I plan to see a few of movies. Hopefully they have them at blockbuster.
Movies: Bowling for Columbine
Zero Day

Maybe i'll plan to see more of that matter. Who's seen these?

(Life's A Bitch)

[21 Mar 2005|08:53pm]
[ mood | crazy ]

So i come home sick from school and the rain's beating down hard. I love the rain. Kiss me Kill me

(Life's A Bitch)

bad day [05 Mar 2005|11:37pm]
[ mood | excited ]

SO, yes, it's true, I plan to get my hair done.

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