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and god is lonely.

emily d. mittelmark
18 May 1989
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lo-fi is in
and i'm the bomb
149 interests, abcdefghijklmnopqrstuvwxyz, adjust contrast/hue, adrian tomine, alan mendhelson, alex robinson, alien paint, american scholar, angels in america, arrested development, baking, barack obama, being alive, being pursued, biblical metaphors, black round stic bic, bob rice, boomer!, caffeine-free, cheesecake erotica, christmas, cindy li, clang clang clang, cold war strategy, comments on my livejournal, compulsion, contradictions, cookies, cooking, daft punk, dicktion & artitulation, digitalia, e squared, eating clean, equal, etsy, eye contact, fat, flo rida, free wi-fi, friends in high places, girls, god, good sex, grammar, gryffindor, gummies, guy ritchie, harry and the potters, harry potter, having two arms, hello saferide, hungover coat hangers, i'm not wearing underwear, ian christie, james kochalka superstar, juice, kanye west, keith olberman, kimya dawson, kind of like spitting, kmart, knitting, lady gaga, lindsay lohan, live journal pals, los brothers hernandez, loving, lsd, lutes, lynda barry, madame puddifoot's tea shop, malignant cancer, mary louise parker, milkshakes, modest mouse, monkey food, my bow and arrow, my friends' artistic abilites, my mind's eye, my youth, mybasii, narnia, nipples & broccoli, not breaking night, oatmeal bear, obsession, one hundred seven, one-armed bev, overheardinnewyork, parties that never happened, perfume, peter bagge, pommes frites, preacher comix, promethea volume 1, pursuing, question mark question mark, rachel maddow, ron weasley, rrraaabbbiiittt, santa claus, sarah silverman, saving lives, scott pilgrim, seizures, seth rogen, severe handshakes, sexual inadequacy, sharpies & cardstock, shrek 1, shrek 2, shrek 3, solitaire, strawberry shortcake, strunk & white, subway breakdowns, subway romance, summer time, tape games, teeth, the angry string orchestra, the beat, the blow, the communist bakery, the crash test dummies, the internet, the internet is bullshit, the moldy peaches, the mountain goats, the science of sleep, toast, tripping face, truth, unexpected phone calls, weeds, what happens next?, what??, whatever she wants, wikipedia graffiti, winter time, word associations, wyaaguygasd, yeah yeah crayons, yeah!, you, you can't see me, yummy, zero matches.