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I've been so content and happy with everything lately. Even though I haven't been getting a long with some people, it really hasn't bothered me very much. Kaitlin and I haven't fought in so long, and we have been getting along really well. :) I see Nikki on a regular basis, which is sososo nice. :) I have been hanging out with Lindsey a lot, and she is such a lil' funny.
hahahaha :)
ahahahahahahahhahahaha OMG!
over the shoulder pic! :-*
look at Lindshey, what a QT!
ahahaha BATMAN!
I love my week!
P.S. I had sososo much fun on friday with Lindsey, Linsey, Kyle, and Brad.
AND + I have fun at Jackie's bday party! W00T! I love Jamie, Jackie, Marrisa, Yvette, & Maysoon :)
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