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OMGOMG! I typed up this whole stupid entry, and the my internet stopped working! UGHGHGH!
Tonight I went shopping with my mom. I got a very much needed sweater and not needed shirt (SUCKER MOM!). Then, we went to Chipotle. YUM YUM, I love that place, I seriously love it more than my gramma! It was really fun actually, the first time my mom and I got along while going shopping. She really tried, I'm proud of her.

But then, I asked her when I was getting my permit, and she said "When your dad takes you". Then I asked her if I could use her car. She said NO! WTF?!?! It actually hurt my feelings, it was insulting. My mom can't even trust me with her car when I have a permit. Even though, MITHOON LET ME DRIVE HIS BRAND SPANKIN' NEW SUPER EXPENSIVE CAR WHEN I DIDN'T HAVE A PERMIT!! My mom, the women who conceived me, who has known me my whole life, and shaped me to be the person I am today, can't even trust me. But someone, who hasn't known me my whole life, and who was once my most hated enemy trusted my with his car. I would just need it to get to and from work. Then she said she would use the "family vacation money (that she has saved up)" to buy me a car. I DON'T EVEN WANT HER TO BUY ME A CAR! I want to get a job and save up money to buy myself a car! I need to grow up, but she can't trust me! That makes me sosososo mad! I seriously could picture Ca and Mithoon buying me a car. They really are like my parents, the bought me my cell phone, were going to pay for my glasses, are the only ones saving up to send me to college, and my sister printed of the forms so I could get a social security number. (YEAH, THAT'S RIGHT, I DON'T HAVE A SOCIAL SECURITY NUMBER. AND NO, NOT EVERYONE HAS ONE, BECAUSE I DON'T! SINCE MY PARENTS NEVER FILLED OUT THE FORMS!) My parents are so irresponsible! UGHGHGHGHGHGH! :(
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