The city is a million miles away.

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11 August 1985
___visual__aids - my old journal.
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killnormal.com/jessay - old band photography.
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1905, a silver mt. zion, against me!, american business machines, american history x, anthony burgess, architecture in helsinki, arrogant sons of bitches, astronautalis, at the drive-in, beastie boys, ben folds, best week ever, billy joel, bright eyes, bruce springsteen, call it arson, cat power, cat stevens, chuck palahniuk, clerks, cursive, daniel keyes, degrassi: the next generation, desparecidos, dexy's midnight runners, dire straits, do make say think, doozer, dr dre, edward norton, elijah wood, empire records, explosions in the sky, fight club, glassjaw, godspeed you! black emperor, hal sparks, hanson, hustle and flow, indian summer, j.d. salinger, jamie stewart, janis joplin, jay-z, journey, kanye west, kevin devine, kill.normal.records, la guillotine, law and order: svu, led zeppelin, malachi constant, mates of state, michael ian black, michael wesley smith, mirah, mono, moody blues, our lady peace, pat benetar, patti smith group, paul scheer, peter gabriel, phantom planet, pixies, public enemy, pulp fiction, radical face, radiohead, rapscallion records, rod stewart, rolling stones, scott moffatt, sharp teeth, sigur rós, sixfinger, snoop dog, son ambulance, sondre lerche, the amber fashion, the assistant, the black heart procession, the blood brothers, the farewell address, the flaming tsunamis, the gloria record, the lido venice, the moffatts, the police, the rapture, the slits, the thermals, the toadies, the tribe, the unicorns, these green eyes, tool, upupdowndown, welcome to the dollhouse, wolf parade, wonder showzen, xiu xiu

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