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So I wrote a short screenplay. My teacher is really impressed by it. Now all I need is cast and crew. Anyone down to help make a movie?
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New journal for pop culture, reality tv, and other petty discussion. I added people who stay relatively active but probably missed some of you. Add me if you have any interest in hearing my rants and stuff. This will stay my personal journal when I feel the need to talk about my personal life, which is rare lately.

Anyways, add pop_0ff

(Some a-hole stole pop_off and didn't use it or bother to delete and purge so that someone else could. f that ahole!)
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1. I took a nice picture today in the WOLF T-SHIRT that Beth gave me a while ago

LOL. And my hair was looking very Joan Jett which is a good thing.

2. I got TWO job offers today. Stop and Shop and Friendly's. I took Friendly's for a few reasons: a.) Stop and Shop only offered me $8 an hour and 24 hours a week which is ridiculous for my age and experience. Friendly's offers more hours and more money because of tips. b.) I can make awesome clown sundaes for little kids. c.) I didn't really want to work at Stop and Shop anyways.

I don't start until next Tuesday though so it actually gives me the opportunity to see who else might call me back now that the holidays are over and possibly get a better job. We'll see.

3. I started an epic post on ONTD (click) and my inbox is full because I forgot to turn off the feature that e-mails you with replies to posts. Yikes.

4. My feet are FREEZING!
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I got to see and meet Joe McHale tonight. I love this man. He's hilarious. The encounter was brief and confusing because some terrifying Russian man was rushing people along to get pictures with him. But from what I processed, he slowly read my shirt aloud (a Call it Arson shirt) and said, "I don't know what that means?" And I laughed and said it was a band. Then he put his arm around me for the picture, noticed Noah with the camera, and goes, "Is that your boyfriend?" I said yes and he proceeds to wrap his arms around me, taunt him, and then flip him off. Noah got the picture at that exact moment. Really funny, was over before I even realized what happened, hahaha.

My heart went pitter pat a little bit.
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I'm still not having luck with the job search. Nobody wants me. I have no idea why. I have a ton of different skills and experience. I don't get it. I just can't allow myself to settle for a minimum wage job though. It just doesn't make sense. I've applied to so many places it's ridiculous that nothing has come through.

Anyway, my car wouldn't pass inspection and I can't afford to fix it so I sold it. It's a tiny bit of money in the bank. I'm trying to spend as little as possible. I'm using Dustin's car for now.

I've gotten to see Noah more than I thought I would, but it'll be less once we finally get jobs. We're attempting to align our schedules so that we have two days off together a week. Hopefully that will work out. I miss him all the time though and it's really bad. I'm used to being with him all the time, laughing at everything together, and now I can't.

We went to Pumpkin Fest and got to see some old friends. I was so excited to see Trevor because we haven't hung out in the longest time. The funnest part of the day was Applebees with him, the boys from ADDS and their girlfriends. They're the best.

I also saw Lisa and Josh for a while at her house. Freaking Dustin and Chris were leaving just as we were arriving. That was weird, I didn't realize that they were back for a few months. Apparently they'll be in AP this month. That's really weird.

I stopped by Beth's apartment last for a bit and then called it a night. It was a decent eve, I miss being near Keene a lot though. If I had it my way me and Noah would move there, but it doesn't really make sense right now.

I want to go see TGE tomorrow night near Concord. I'm thinking about it. I don't want to spend the money, but I'm lonely being stuck in my mom's house. Then on Tuesday Noah might come spend the night so that we can watch the election stuff together. If Obama loses we'll start working on our exit plan. I can't hang out while the country gets worse.

Lastly, I watched a marathon of True Blood on demand. I think I'm hooked, which I don't mind because it's been a while since I've gotten into a solid scripted drama. It's been nothing but reality TV lately and I can use the break.