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.. synapse to synapse.

The best part about a good song is that you can put it on repeat and play it over and over again until your ears grow so accustomed to the melody that they no longer work in overdrive to filter the beautiful music into the wonders of your mind. Why work so hard for something that is already there?

The best part about a wonderful moment occuring in your life is the memories you can play over and over again inside of your head until you trip down the steps because you were paying attention to something that wasn't there instead of watching where you were going. But it was there. Once. And that is all that matters.

Good memories are pleasant reminders of what was and precursors to the glorious things to come. Where there is now a stump was once a beautiful oak tree with never-ending branches and a lovely array of leaves adorned to those very branches. Where there are now a pile of ashes was once a gorgeous fire with tongues of bright orange and yellow, reaching up into the night sky and licking the stars above.

You are a "good song" and the reason for all my wonderful moments. I want to put you on repeat and bask in the warmth your greatness exudes. Each time you flash that infamous grin of yours I want to grab the moment that captures that beautiful facial expression and stop the moment from passing me by. Because in that moment, in that split second, everything is just how it should be. Perfect. We could live in that moment, you know we could. Just you, me...

And that infamous grin of yours.
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belle and sebastian shirt

.. one day this chalk outline will circle this city.

Interesting conversation with Spencer this morning..

EulogyForAFriend: hey i got those directions to the show if you still need them
star city spirit: awesome, thanks :)
EulogyForAFriend: i might be there..hopefully
star city spirit: Mm, I heard that you might be doing vox for TQM soon?
EulogyForAFriend: yeah, i wanna say probably...but i dunno, its up to the rest of the band
star city spirit: That's cool
EulogyForAFriend: yeah, i dunno, we will see
EulogyForAFriend: i mean, my lows and chugs are deeper than coreys..but coreys shoes are gonna be hard to fill
star city spirit: Yeah Roanoke loved him but it's going to be like when they lost Peter
EulogyForAFriend: well actually the whole scene is sort of pissed at corey anyway...because all he ever did was make fun of and insult people, i mean im friends with the guy and hes always been nice to me..but whatever
star city spirit: Yeah he definitely hit on me and Danielle and Tess after the last show
star city spirit: We were like uhh.. we're from salem
star city spirit: that made him go away
star city spirit: hah
EulogyForAFriend: yeah, hes a man whore...period, but i love him anyway
star city spirit: Haha yeah
EulogyForAFriend: well i have work in an hour, so im gone
EulogyForAFriend: lata
star city spirit: Alright, bye

Spence is so scene, he talks like he IS the scene. Funny kid. He's nice, I guess, and maybe I'll get to know him better if he does end up as TQM's frontman.. but who knows. Until then, he's just my source of directions to random shows that I don't even intend to go to.
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