i wish it wasn't so..

i feel like i've abandoned this place.

it's sad, because i realllly liked my name.

but i'm moving on to a new journal.. i don't know if that one will turn out like this one did. i hope not. i've always wanted to have an active journal.. and i'm really going to try to make some changes soon.

if you want to keep reading, email me.
alkaline trio

a new year and a new start?

i really don't vent here as much as i wish i did. and i know why. i have many resolutions this year that i really want to actually accomplish. afterwards, i hope that my life improves in the aspects i want it to improve in.

My resolutions this year:
Become Buddhist. Serious Buddhist. That inclueds quiting smoking, drinking, and smoking, three of my favorite things to do.
Buy a car. Nothing fancy, just something that gets me from point A to point B, and occationally point C.
Get an appartment in La Crosse. Most important.
Get into school. No brainer
Get a PHONE! I've spent too much of my life with out one.
Make more time for myself so I can:
write more
paint more
get to know myself
Get healthy - bikerides everyday. If i still live in whitehall, then around river road once a week, maybe more.
I'd like to learn German or Japanese.

I really hope I'm not aiming too high. I'm really motivated. Here's the test to find out if it works: If i write more than once in the next month, it worked ;)
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