Watch out now im 15. big woop de doo.

ILoveBarbiesXoXo: happy birthday!!!
LilmsShorrty949: HAPPY BIRZDAY
swtsunshine542: happy birthdsay
SiLeNt WarRri0r: hapyy b-day
LilmsShorrty949: muhuhuhahahah happy b day
MichelleMona: happy birthday!!!!!!!
cHeRyStRaWbErY67: happy birthday.
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starting over

Happy New Year
 I want this year to be the year im actually going to be happy in.
i havnt been too happy with my life lately and im hoping that this year will be alot different than last year.
Good-bye 2004 Hello 2005
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somethings just aren't meant to be

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i don't know what to do...I CAN'T GO ON NOT LOVING YOU

i'm sorry but im just gonna vent and feel sorry for myself right now, i need to get all this out of my system...


 i fucked up with my boyfriend ~!!! I want him back more than anything else in this whole world. it hurtsz me so bad knowing what i did to him. i cant take it. i had everything i have ever wanted and like a dumbass i had to fuck it all up. i thought that tellin' him would make it a lil better, but i was wrong. i know a lot of guysz that cheat on their girlsz and a lot of girlsz that cheat on their mans but they never break up; why did it have to happen with me?!?

those 2 kisses weren't worth it, not worth losing the one i really cared about. my feelings for him are undescribable. no words can tell how much i love him! its insane, im gonna go craaazy without him. i dont want any other guy but HIM. he alwaysz made me laugh, he alwaysz made me feel good about myself, he made me feel like i was actually someone that mattered. no guy has ever made me feel the way he made me feel. he was so GOOD to me, why did i do sucha stoopid thing to him...? he didnt deserve that, not at all. but whateva he doesnt deserve me...he deserves someone that wont treat him bad like i did. i wish he could understand how i really feel, then maybe we'd still be together; but he doesnt. he's too mad at me to even look at my face!!!! if you're reading this eric, just know that i love you and that i am sincerly sorry and i love you with a passion and i think i alwayz will. please forgive me babe ~!!! peace out




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look i'm really really sorry for saying all that stupid stuff, I HATE IT WHEN WE ARGUE LIKE THIS. it really gets me mad. i just want everything with us to be okay...i really do. i know i don't act like it all the time but i really do LOVE YOU and i alwaysz will ~!!!!!
please stop being mad at me, PLEASE!?! i really didn't mean none of that stuff and again i am truly sorry babe!!!

DaNi + ErIc = FoReVa !!!
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Danielle LoVeSz Gabby ~!!!

hey whats poppin well im here in 2nd period wit the homegirl gabby ~!!!
damn i <3 her so damn much; im really gon miss her when i switch schoolsz! :[ well we're bizzy takin pix so ima go now. *pEaCe OuT* ♥

[[ !~~PIx will be posted lata ~~!!! ]]
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