Don't you forget about me

Im sohee.

Im so sorry to be changing user names once more, but I must. This isn't usually like me to go through names so frequently, though it hasn't really been much, just two names, but I have to get rid of this one too. If I want you reading my new journal, I will let you. If not, that sucks, go away. ♥
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Don't you forget about me


Well, whatcha doing? :D

Yesterday, was... eh. The day part. There wasn't much to do, really. I watched Bubble Boy with Lauren. So I take a shower, + we go to Laurens house + sit around for a little bit. I called Amy before cause I wanted her to go to Laurens house with me since Chrissy didn't go to her dads the day before + for whatever reason I felt bad. :) Thats because Im such a good, loyal, caring friend. At any rate, Amy called me back on CJ's phone + once Lauren's parents left, I hear them ride up in his truck with GANGSTARRR music playing. The moment Amy + I see each other we started shooting off gang signs. Lmao. Like we always do when rap music is on. God. I don't know anyone as cool as us. So we drive back to Amy's uncles. I liked his house, but there were so many animals he had shot. You know, + stuffed. Mostly ducks. Every single room had AT LEAST over five ducks. It was fuckin crazy. You just couldn't escape them. So we started to drink, + blah, blah, blah. We were all pretty drunk. I don't remember anything really, except everyone was pissing me off. Every time anyone talked to me I just responded, "SHUT THE FUCK UP!!!" At the top of my lungs. Im an angry alcoholic. I do remember me sitting @ the table with CJ, Lauren + Amy out in the back talking on the phone. Everything was a little fuzzy, but I got up, + attempted to dance like a pretty ballerina for CJ. Of course, I try to do a split in the air, something I can't do even when Im sober, + I fuckin land on my ankle + twist it like I have never twisted my ankle before in my life. It was the most painful experience ever. I just lied on the hard, cold, tile floor + wimpered. The only response I received from him was, "ohh.. watch out there." Dick. >:0 So Amy came in, + the whole time I was screaming, "ADVIL!! SOMEONE GET ME SOME MOTHER FUCKIN ADVIL!!!!" No one was paying attention! :( Then I started to cry, + Amy came + rubbed my ankle. Lmao. I was too drunk. But it seriously hurt... A LOT. I can just picture me jumping in the air + everything. Lmfao. Oh well. CJ kept hitting on Lauren. Haha... it was funny. FEEL MY PAIN. He reminds me a bit of Jared + Greg Owens. She couldn't get over the age difference, but big deal. I know a lot of guys that are like that. I wonder if thats just because teenage girls are just so free spirited + youthful, + girls their own age are boring + want to settle down more. I doubt it, but who knows. I at least attempted to explain these occurences of 21 year olds with thirteen year olds. :) I rode with CJ to Jack In The Box, don't know what Amy + Lauren did while I was gone. It was like two minutes. It was so fast. From what I remember. Mayn. Then once we finally went back to Laurens, I think Amy + Lauren smoked weed upstairs, but I don't smoke. Remember? Yes, if you are reading this, you should be very proud of me. AHEM. Brad.

My head hurts so much.

Oh, then at like two in the morning Kyle + Cody come over. We sat around + talked till four in the morning. They left, we fell asleep shortly afterwords. Next morning I have to hobble around because my ankle. Its all swollen + crap. They best let me wear my house shoes. Well... Im gunna go. G'bye. :)
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Don't you forget about me

Weed in they head

Though I have smoked several times, weed that is, none the less, enjoy incredibly, but whats the meaning of smoking? I don't understand why anyone would smoke day to day. I mean sure, being high is a lot of fun, but every day? No wonder its a gateway drug. I honestly think that people who smoke all the time are just people who have no personality. Not completely no personality, that would be hard. You'd probably end up like JD. But you have to get high just to have a good time? At any rate... all I feel like I see now is *weed* & how wonderful it is. Weed, is once more, just another thing to go on about. Like sex. Usually when Im high Im paranoid as shit + Im SURE that there is a conspiracy going on around me. Of course, that is just normal for me since I always think someone's coming in on me + that Im not safe (or someone's watching me, or following me, or etc). But when Im high, you take that, + multiply it by 19. Cause weed is not that great. Weed is just habital. You cannot become addicted. Weed is a source of pressure. Weed is just what people do when they wanna be cool. Being high is fun. I will admit. But Im sure that a few of the percent is all constructed in your head to make you feel better about whatever.

I also think that smoking weed is so lame now. Im not going to go run off + do coke or some shit, but just the fact that you have to be intoxicated to have fun. It's so lame. Weed makes people look like idiots. But, I'll smoke, but I don't like smoking. I'll talk shit about people who smoke, but I'll smoke. Get over it. I can do what I want.

Ass. <3
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Don&#39;t you forget about me

Chicks cannot hold dey smoke, dats whud it is.

Yo. Today was eventful. I go to school, + first period for me is out in the portable, thank you God its the ONLY class I have in the portables. They held it a little longer from all the rain. We sat around watched Shrek 2. :) By the time I finally got to second period, my jacket was completely soaked from being held over my head the whole time. Then they held second period longer, then the third. Over course, in third, they move to weird drastic measures, + have "AN EMERGENCY LUNCH!" All the people in certain halls had to go to lunch @ a certain time + etc. I had the second lunch whatever, but everyone I knew (well Amy, Chrissy + Blake lol) we're all having the third one. So I was like, "ahh man." I was either gunna a)wait for the third one + just skip or b)sit with people that were simple acquaintances. Luckily, I walk out to the front of the building, being that it was such a long walk from b-hall to the attendance office. Phew. (I went up there cause I heard them call for Amy) I don't see Amy, but she was right in front of me, + she said, "hey sexy." I looked + was filled with complete happiness. :D I WAS GUNNA go home with her + her mom, but nooo. I mean, they had Jon on the phone, why couldn't they just let me go? At first they were gunna. Amy's mom had signed me out + everything. But no. They don't. Suddenly Mr.Bryan is like, "noooo youuuu cannn't!!" Though I do think Mr.Bryan is hot, I am secretly angry with him. Im not really, but I could be. If I wanted to. At any rate, I still got to come home. I saw Jon + I just started walking outside with some other people. I know that they thought it was mom, since they were in the middle of saying, "where's your parent?" And they saw me next to some woman a bit taller than me with blonde hair. Heh. Loserrrrs. Then they walked to the right, + I walked to the left, + just got in the car. I came home, made myself all this food since I was terribly hungry. The people across the street were having like a fucking party with their cars. I watched The Breakfast Club but fell asleep around the part when they get high in the library. My cell phone came. I started charging it + I have to get it activated later. 8) I slept up until currently, around 3:50. Soohoo.... Im gunna go. Call me. :D

Its still 391`8060. <3
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Don&#39;t you forget about me

Don't leave my keys in the door

Well, I just got back from Laserquest. Haha. It was cool. 8) Actually, it was bloody hot. I was sweating like a heroine addict. Lmao. Did I ever mention that guy? When Amy + I went to her little family's business, + that guy that worked there. He was goofy. He was talking about repairing his grandma's roof + he said, "man I was sweating like a heroine addict." It was funny. He was a geek. Like. Really. Then Amy had a shirt on that said "Kiss Me Im American" + he thought it was funny. Except she was like "it says 'Kiss Me Im German'." He kind of took a good look @ the shirt + finally said, "really?" Hahahaha... what a moron. But anyways... so here is how today went...

I woke up at eight in the morning. Fell back asleep eventually. I got these cute pjs. It says 'Love Is Nothing But Trouble' + 'Love Is The First Kiss' or some shizz. And some more house shoes!! Imagine that. Lmao. :D

Then, eventually, we went to le restaraunt. I WOULD give out the name of this place, but then I thought, "I will not have all these stupid chicks checkin out MY man." Hmph. So... we'll call it 'that place'. Blake, Amy + I walked in to see if he was working. If he wasn't, we were just gunna leave. I actually don't even like the food there. I mean, I love food, but Im so tired of that place. I only go there with everyone to see him. I hope he realizes the big sacrifices I make for our relationship. The point and point of it was, he was our waitor, once more, he knew what I wanted. But my mom said, "why don't you mix up his world + order something different." So instead of rice + beans, I ordered rice + a bean + cheese taco. Man, showed him Im not predictable. Every time he knows Im gunna have a Big Red. I think thats just because we are sooo completely romantically connected. At any rate... Amy wouldn't shut up. I really do think she's jealous. Because he knows my order, + not hers. Hmph. So she kept saying stuff in front of him. He probably thinks Im some freak now. Im really not gunna go back. I mean, twice in one week was bad enough, but the stuff she would say in front of him to intentionally humiliate me was just past the limit. It breaks my heart. He was simply b e a u t i f u l. Amy just had to stick her fat head in the middle of things + ruin my complete + utter bliss. Ass. :| Next you'll see me writing helpless love poems about a lost passion. You watch.

Then we came home. I don't even know what we did. But we did it. Then we went to "The Iron Man" or whatever at Laser Quest. Yeaaah! It was cool. There was some guy there. He was pissing me off. He KEPT shooting me. So I was like, "STOP IT!! I HATE YOU!!" And he started chasing after me. But he wasn't shooting me. He was telling me to come back, and not to hate him? But oh I knew. I knew if I did go back, which I wouldn't have anyways ... but still, he would have shot the life out of me. Dicks. There was this stupid little kid sitting on the floor that kept shooting me. I'd get all mad @ him + he was like, "it wasn't mee!" Cunt. >:| Anyways... what Im saying is, the place was infested with CHILDREN. Except that one guy who was like, "come back! Don't hate me!" He FOLLOWED ME. I couldn't get away from that guy. I ran for the little ramp thing, + I could hear him following me down it. GOD. Ummmm.... can you say.... STALKER?! :D But Amy + Blake we're pissing me off. They kept shooting me. So I said "f'yall" + ran off without them. Thats what they get for being such dicks. 8)

Well... Im gunna go. Toodles. ♥
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Don&#39;t you forget about me

Reece&I are back together!!

Things have been aiiight. I haven't posted since last week, + I don't really feel the need to go over E V E R Y T H I N G. I will say that my birthday being tomorrow has been a benefit. Today I went to the "Buffalo Bin" + I told them to give me a birthday discount. Haha I got a Vanilla Pepsi for 65 cents. I don't know what the hell my mom bought me. I don't want anything but my phone to be fixed, so you know. Actually, I think I should ask her to let me get my nose pierced. We're going to Lazerquest. 8) OH MAN. I have to tell you. Now, privately, without his notice, I have been dating this guy that works @ the restaraunt. You see, he doesn't know yet, but I know he wants me. The way he knows EXACTLY what I was gunna order, + how he's our waitor every time. He's obsessed. <3 None the less, he is the most gorgeous guy I have ever seen. Other than Ryan Davis. *_* But, the other day, everyone was like, "Oh I want tea." And he looked at me, + I looked at him, + he says with admiration in his voice, "Big Red?" I simply nodded. It was love with no boundaries. Deep within, we have loved each other for longer than explainable, + we are meant. :) Any which way... Reece is being a really big dick right now.

I got hit several times today. Matt, of course, hit me a trillion times. It pisses me off. I hate it when guys hit me. Amy has to pee. She wanted me to post that. Christian smacked the life out of my ass. :( I swear. It was numb. It hurt so much. But then I got a little kiss on the cheek from himn + Reece as a birthday present. :D Im never talking to Brad again since he bought Blake a present, but me nothing. Fuck him. See, I told him. He treats me differently. He treats me all shitty, + everyone else all nice. FUcK YoU B-RaD. Never talkin to you again. Ass. Hmph.

Tomorrows gunna be the bomb diggity. On a counta its my birthday. 8)
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Don&#39;t you forget about me


I really love my journal. I think its so cool. I made this new, cool community. _____goofycute. Chrissy + I are the mods. 8) You should join. Once I get it started.


Mayn. The game was lots of fun. Amy + I sat on the Judson side. It was cool.

EWWW. That Jazieth chick + her clique were talking shit AGAIN. But of course, wtf are they gunna do? Fuckin chicken shits. Thats what. Cause today Amy + me were messing with the people on buses, + I didn't realize until like five minutes later that she was yelling at me. All she kept saying was, "ewwwww" + "sluuuut". Man I know. Im such a ho bag. Then she had some stupid guy going along with it. I've never seen this guy before in my life. Hahahaha. It was fuckin funny. I gave them the finger, quite a few times, + I gave the whole "SUCKMYDICK" motion. You know, where you karate chop the sides of your crotch. You know. ;) It was cool. Does she not REALIZE I am like a foot taller than her? None the less, she wouldn't do anything just by her, she'd get all her stupid friends in it too. Because thats what she's done EVERY TIME. I don't give a fuck. She can suck my wang. :)

Hey I met a hottie at the game. His name was Ty. There were these three guys that go to Judson. All in our grade + everything!! :D This one guy was hitting on Amy, the one in the middle just stayed quite, + I talked to the other one. He would mess with me. He had such a cute smile. Amy said he was aight, but I thought he was hot. ^_^ --Ooo hubba hubba. Anyways... the point + point of it was, we were on the Judson side, pissing people off.

Anyways... Ima go. I HAVE GOT TO PEE LIKE THERE IS NO TOMORROW. Deuce. </3
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Don&#39;t you forget about me


Hi everyone. I went to the dentist today. The chick that worked on my teeth told me several times that I had gorgeous teeth. I've only had one cavity in my life, + it was in a baby tooth, which fell out the next day. I don't have to wake up for school tomorrow till 8 since Im getting some crap done to my teeth tomorrow. :D My appointments at 9:30, + I won't get to school till around 10:30-11. 8) Hells yeah. Im so happy. The first couple of periods are the WORSE.

Other than that, I don't have much to update.

Judson's gunna win tomorrow though. :)
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