car stories II

I smashed in my window(windshield, actually..) last night because anthony left me in my car when I was about blackout drunk. I drank A LOT of burbon and captain, in a veryyy short period of time. I drove fucking plastered and then ran out of gas and Nichole came and got me with Tessa and KP. We went and did something and I remember going to Mama Mia's in Geneseo to get pizza and we picked up one of Tessa's friends who was shady as hell and I didn't like him at all. Then I went and left my car at Anthony's so my dad didn't see it and he drove me home.  I don't know what I'm going to do about this. He said this morning that he is just going to forget about yesterday because I was drunk but he left me alone in my car for a fucking hourrr dude! I had enough time to drive away and then drive back because I was waaayy to drunk to be driving. I got almost to the gas station. But I didn't want to get pulled over because I was obviously intoxicated. So, I turned the fuck around, when I got back, I layed on the horn and anthony came out I think, and he told me to hold on so when he went back inside I left again and when I got back he was out by the road because the jackass had actually noticed that I had left that time. My car is fucked up. My rear view mirror is dismanteled and I fucked my shit up! 

Pix later.

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Je parle francais tambien.
ayye, hable espanol alli tambien.
Je suis lasse un fille.
comprendas que es escribe aqui, amare te pour toujours.
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Yo quiero un grande latte mocha cappichino.
Hoy es mi siete cumpleanos.
GANE! jajaja.
Yo voy a ir al centro commercail.
Buenas dias ninos.

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listen up.
I've decided I'm doing a theme of the week on my "I want 1000 comments post"
so This week's theme is...
Find the two truths in these six lies.

1. I am a devishly clever person when I want something bad enough.
2. When I get angry I hurt people.
3. Deception come easy to me.
4. I got drunk and fell into vomit one time.
5. I lost my virginity in the backseat of a car.
6. I've been into 3 car accidents.

The winner get's an awesome prize!

++++ CMMT