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i miss summer. [Saturday
August 2nd, 2008
[ mood | okay ]

i miss being funny.
i miss people knowing who i am why i am the way i am.
i miss how the wintertime used to feel.
i miss being the shortest.
i miss best friends.
i miss being a real ghetto asian.
i miss being called cam.
i miss the good life.
this is my livejournal revival story.

i miss you & i'm sorry. 

this is almost criminal. [Tuesday
April 3rd, 2007
[ mood | ecstatic ]

im like kinda insane since im not jumping up and down or anything.
but you know me, gotta keep my cool. haha.
april 8th - may 3rd 
guess   who's   coming   to  town?

my dad tried keeping it a surprise.
but so many people can't keep their mouths shut in the family.
i mean, look at me, no wonder i'm part of the GQ4L! i can't keep my mouth shut either haha.
and i wasnt born yesterday, i know whats up!

edit: im heeere and it's the best feeling in the world you know.


Hello, I miss you quite terribly. [Friday
February 23rd, 2007
[ mood | sad ]

I miss everyone so much. lotsa run on sentences ahead. Goddd dsjhfvadsuyfgadsf I don't know where to begin sdjkfnf,. hahaha i'm sucha miserable sdjkfb. i'm sorry guys. for not keeping in touch when i said i would, for not hanging out on aim, for not emailing, for not calling or writing. i dont know how i'm going to make it seem like its okay, cause it's not and i feel bad like as in, bad ashamed. oh before i go on i apologize for my grammar because you know, i've been here for a long time now and no one here speaks perfect english i'm like done going insane im afraid ive succumbed to their mannerisms and stupid fandoms. anyway, im sorry for not being the good friend. i was the one who moved away, and since u guys obviously dont know where i am and stuff, i should be making the effort to keep in touch im sorry guys. does it count to say i love you, and i miss you? because i do. i guess the reason i havent written so much is because.. im scared. and embarrassed. and afraid. scared 'cause im worried i might not be the same person, sound the same anymore, and i dont know, maybe change has gotten the worst of me. and whenever i write, it makes me so sad and tearful because i remember the people who im not with but i wish i could be with, and all the things im missing x2394234 and it just really makes me... yeah. and because im always thinking, what if they dont want to hear blah blah blah see? because i dont like where i am right now. still. i just.. i i dont know. im just sorry guys.

please tell me how you've been. send me pictures and comment with them. i dont know if i can go through each and every entry like before. ill try, but i know ill always be missing something. 

yeah so this entry is just be basically saying sorry because i dont want to start talking without saying it. god you guys are so...happy together like when i see it i just wish i was there.

like today, my korean friend was down in class. and i asked her why. and she said her korean friend was moving back to korea... i asked her if they were best friends and she said, "no, we weren't best best... but she was the one who always made jokes and made everybody laugh and now she's going away." and you know, for once i could relate. yeah i know i wasnt the life of the party of anything, we just had a moment where we understood each other. and its hard understanding people here. and i told her that everything was going to be okay, and she and her friend will still keep intouch. but im saying stuff im not even doing!. so whatthe freak, what am i doing? i was just so.adsasd and i kinda teared up after school, but i didnt let it out until now i guess. yeah, thats all. hope you guys can forgive me. and if you dont, well i still miss you.


: holiday party [Monday
December 19th, 2005
[ mood | okay ]


LET'S BE JOLLY.Collapse )


November 20th, 2005
[ mood | pleased ]

Words cannot describe. How much fun I had. WEEEEahh.

Oh hii Dollface: hey cuddlebumps
thesmalleone007: hey muffinpie
Oh hii Dollface: i saw harry potter yesterday
thesmallone007: i saw it on friday! in your face!

Um okay like 65+ pictures thanksssss.

Look. Enjoy. COMMENT.Collapse )


October 30th, 2005
[ mood | jubilant ]

Picked Kristiene up & then we were off to the hotel. FIRST ONES THERE, BABY. andrea looked fabulous HOPE YOU HAD A HAPPY BIRTHDAY. I have a lot of pictures.

Look this way honey; you're gonna fall in loveCollapse )


October 23rd, 2005
[ mood | giggly ]

Had lunch yesterday at Islands with people & we celebrated Angela's birthday. M u c h fun. Of course, I have pictures just like everyone else!

She wore an itsy bitsy teeny weeny yellow polkadot bikini.Collapse )


Racy Sex. [Friday
August 12th, 2005
[ mood | exanimate ]

I'm sick & stressed & whenever I breathe it feels like my lungs get tighter everytime. Hear that nasty cough? That was me. So why am I updating when I should be in bed reading a dirty book? I have pictures, of course.

I know you wanna leave me; but I refuse to let you go.Collapse )


He-lloooo Summer. [Friday
June 24th, 2005
[ mood | cheerful ]

Today I had fun with Sally&Lindsay&Angela.

Ooh yes.

Mexican Candy, Perverts, Girl Talk, and... Flabber?Collapse )


I've wished so many things, and I don't know if I could wish anymore. [Monday
May 23rd, 2005
[ mood | hot ]

Me: Hey, I look all gangster now.

Mom: You look like a boy.

Oh hii Dollface: hello nilab i had fun with you yesterday.

thesmallone007: oh yea we had fun in your room.

thesmallone007: i especially liked your carpet.

Oh hii Dollface: you left some mayonaise on it.

Oh hii Dollface: GET IT. GET IT? MAYONAISE.

thesmallone007: and i liked playing with your toys.

Guys, my brother might have diabetes. I'm so scared for him. I guess it's hereditary, my dad has it and so does my grandma. I hope he doesn't though, it would really suck. See, I knew there was something going on when he would climb the counter on summer afternoons and look in the pantry for some of that sugar and eat spoonfulls.

We might get a new car since our other one is now demolished thanks to the bastard that crashed into it while my mom was driving =/

thesmallone007: im just so gosh darned chilled like that.

And we can have little retarded hyper active sex crazed brightside children @#$%^&*Collapse )


Shortie can't handle this. [Sunday
May 1st, 2005
[ mood | sleepy ]

Sadly, on Friday, I didn't get to have fun with Sally and Angela thanks to this prison cell I hang out in.

But yesterday, I went with Kristiene to the park to celebrate her cousin's birthday with her mom's side of the family. And then we watched part of the Series of Unfortunate Events. She and her sisters are like, beautiful.

Bianca: Oh-Mah-Gawd I'm so pretty. I'm like a sworn goddess.

Their Mom: You're so conceited! Those good looks came from me, you know.

'Cause you know you got me by a string, baby.Collapse )


I almost wish you would've loved me too. [Tuesday
April 26th, 2005
[ mood | restless ]

Yes so I'm having fun hanging out with Sally and Denise and Shawna in English. I should have went with them folks earlier.

Tea Party Orgy:  I hope you're right Camille

OH  Hii Dollface: 49% of the time i'm right.. the rest of the 51% can go screw itself

Tea Party Orgy: lmao

It seems like paranoia isn't so hard to avoid these days.

Lies are my specialty. Collapse )


I wish I could take a journey through your mind. [Monday
April 4th, 2005
[ mood | lazy ]

Okay. I searched for pictures that remind me of the people I love. Sort of. Sorry I didn't get everyone, I only did three people. But don't fret my pets, I am still looking for more to include in my next update (:

Oh pretty girl, why must you be so simply complicated...Collapse )


Locked. [Sunday
March 20th, 2005
[ mood | calm ]

New LiveJournal. Fr ie nds On ly. Comment if you care =)

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