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Performance & Cocktails

Diary of a 20-something

25 February
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Be who you are and say what you feel; because those that matter don't mind, and those who mind don't matter


Maartje. Mar*cha.
Dutch name. English girl
(yes. I betrayed my homecountry. woah!).
A fashion student with a passion for fruity things,
For pink, for glitter, for shiny and patent things, and for smiling.
Passion for cats (I ALWAYS have to cuddle them. Or stroke them. Wherever).
I like opinionated people, and Cherry Garcia icecream.
And Marilyn Manson, Davidoff fags and summer.
I have a thing for palmtrees (they make me squee).
People who say 'scones' annoy me. It's pronounced as 'skons'.
I am often homesick, and grumpy,
I say what I mean and I want to do what I like,
But somehow never manage.

I am not looking for friends collectors, rating communities or boring people.
Nor am I looking for right-winged, racist and fascist people who commit fashioncrimes.
If you fit the bill, please comment and add me.
If you're Stereophonics or shopping obsessive, you don't even have to ask ;)

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When life gives you lemons.
Make lemonade


98% English
99% Sane
100% Friends Only

I don't like you either,
And you're just here to copy me.

We all love a man with a quiff ♥

♥ rainbows and pots of gold // so much to do before we grow old...
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