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Where everything gets over-analyzed.

I love my LJ.


♥ 22
♥ Filipina-Canadian
♥ kinesiology major, specializing in exercise physiology
♥ musician
♥ vegetarian

i like:
+ being comfortable
+ bargains
+ gardening
+ medical jargon
+ photography
+ gadgets
+ roughing it
+ travelling
+ intimacy
+ the post-run rush

i don't like:
- bad hygiene, spelling, grammar, or breath
- unpedicured toes
- pork/beef
- ignorant people

For what it's worth, I'm a pretty easy-going person. I can rub people the wrong way but it's just the way I am - I'm blunt. Tactless? Sometimes. As far as I'm concerned, I don't lose sleep over burned bridges - it's laughable that others do.

I'm in my last year of kinesiology with plans of taking a year off after graduation, travel/work, then apply at the faculty of education. I'm not quite sure that teaching is my "passion", but hopefully my future career will reveal itself to me during my time off. My true love is the medical field but I'm 1) too unmotivated and 2) too burnt out to really pursue anything in the near future. Perhaps at a later time.

You can usually find me at home. I'm a true homebody. I'm lucky in the sense that my family is extremely close. My mother has grown to be my best friend. My father and I have had our share of rough patches, but lately our time has been spent hanging out in the backyard, talking until late into the night. If I'm not home I'm usually with Nick, who also happens to be a homebody extraordinaire. Rarely will I ever be downtown, at the bars, or in the club scene. In Canada the legal drinking age is 19 - I'm way past my prime. Downtown just isn't so cool anymore when you're partying with your younger brothers' friends.

I am a musician with my roots starting in the church. I'm a pianist with 14 years of training. I sing, and it's one of the few things I'm not afraid to say that I'm really good at.

Yeah, it's late now and I'm tired. That's all.