it almost feels like summer!

today, my friend carolyn brought her camera to school.
between classes and during lunch, many pictures were taken.
here she's compiled the best of the best; i really love them.
these are the girls that i spend 71% of my time with.
in the past two years we've all grown so fucking close.
the girl who took these, carolyn, posted a blog on myspace.
"to all of you who don't grasp the full reality of what
amazing friends i have, here's a taste." i second that statement.
it'd really mean a lot if you czeched these out :]
tell me which are your favorites and whatnot.

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Story time, kids.

December 8, 1997

The brave little snail

Once there was a little snail who said nothing ever
happens around here! So he dicided to go ona adventur.
He went to the Golf of Mexico and on the way there
was a plan crash but the little snail survived it!
The little snail deided to go to the Alps. So he took a
jumbo jet to the Alps and whent rock climbing at
L.S.R.C.A. (Little snail rock climbing association).
When the little snail was rock climbing he sliped
and sudinly his tenticls grabed on to a branch.
F.N.P.D. (Fenly Nevada Police Department) recued him.
He whent back home to New York

That was the exact placement of the lines [centering, left, etc.] and it was written in kid handwriting [big] so thats why the lines aren't too long. I plaguerized the F.N.P.D. from this mean third grader named Harlan Mann. All other parts of the story are written by me. I left the capitalization, punctuation and spelling the same. I just found this in a box! I think it's funny that I said Golf of Mexico and made up acronyms for things :)
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Oh shit, mayne!

From 2003-2006, this goes from past to present.
Grab your seats and come along for the ride :)
"It's going to be coming of the age tale, so come along!"

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Ess Bee.

My dad and I went on a roadtrip to Santa Barbara.
Six hours each way; we had a lot of fun in the car.
We shared different music and talked a lot.
The woman we stayed with is a photographer!
So one afternoon, she took pictures of us.
I am wearing American Eagle Outfitter jeans
and two layered Anthropologie tanks.
My dad is wearing a Banana Republic shirt and jeans.

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what the fuck is the rap song where they name practically every town in the bay area?
i think its by mac dre or something like that but i cant find it for the life of me.

please tell me the name of it and who its by if you posses the information.
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