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angela lyke woahz.

to get fucked on the operating table.

you know i wouldn't choose this.
26 June
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friends only.

I'm a mess of insecurities;
Attention starved with a narcissitic twist
Don't you think that I'm amazing?
Please tell me I'm worth dating.

I have every reason not to leave home today.

Do you understand the reason for pain;
Or am I the only one who hears it?
This awful melody is proof that I will never breathe.
But how can I save myself behind the promises I've made?
Just to hold on to bitterness.
No one needs to know of the nightmares in my head

'Cause I am, I am letting go.

angela. thirteen. new jersey. emo&screamo. semi-colons. "&" symbols.

Are you radiant?

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