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friends only [011809]
mostly friends only.
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new livejournal. comment on the friend's only post to be added.


ABC News Anchor Peter Jennings died today at his home in New York City. He was 67. On April 5, Jennings announced he had been diagnosed with lung cancer.
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misery signals and bleeding through at st andrews tonite. it was too warm to take pictures, almost.

it's real bad quality, but it has to be said. everyone that was in the pit is lucky that me and theresa decided not to go in because we would have two stepped on your faces, and you'd probably be dead.

my boyfriend was on jay leno tonite.
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Ain't nothin' but beer and bones.
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john michael montgomery concert today.

before you laugh, listen to
this and this.

shut up, i'm hardcore and you know it.

i was also a slut this year. 7 or 8 guys. i didn't find out until tonite, though.
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i love random passed out guys.
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nothing could beat complete denial [070305]

jack or constantine. i don't know yet.

i miss people. not alot of you, though.
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detroit fireworks '05 grand finale

i look wierd. shut up.
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so the show was amazing last nite. all three bands did great. after the show, my sister took her time getting there to pick us up, so we layed on the sidewalk staring at sgt. pepper(oni)s. she called and told me she was watching a meat factory burn, and i was pissed because i thought she was at home watching TV or something. but she picks us up with abby and sean and we go watch the meat factory burn. we asked a lady what the building was, and she said it was some sort of storage facility, but me and theresa don't actually think she said "facility". it was probably more like, "it's a storage hizzouse. PEOPLE'Z THEY LOST THEY STUFF!" LJCUTCollapse )
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and also, i plan on camoflauging into some random black guy's matress. bus or car? we don't know. this is what it's like to be adventurous, basically. and fyi, i am getting plastic surgery to look like her. idky all the stacys are gorgeous, but they are. has anyone met an ugly stacy?
BUTCollapse )
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me and my mom are both sobbing and watching BSB behind the music on VH1. especially when kevin is telling AJ how proud of him he is.

+3Collapse )
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art class.
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architecture in helsinki
was amazing.

it's almost a trapCollapse )
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we've been through days of thunder..Collapse )
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