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With all these fucked up things I did

♥ ♥♥

♥ ♥♥.
25 January
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Hey baby
you know,
that you keep me up in bed.
Its to a girl,
who got into my head with
all these fucked up things I did...


Im Victoria.
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Not much you need to know;
I get mad easily.
Im very weird.
I have a boyfriend named Andy, hes amazing.
I love Death Cab for Cutie more than anyone.
I, I, I. By the way, im not all about me.
If we have the same interests,
we should be livejournal friends.
Ps. I have cute feet!@&


Instincs are misleading;
you shouldnt think what youre feeling.

Oh oh oh.



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i la la love mary kate olsen