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heroin is a vitamin


this spot was so awesome, i couldn't possibly take enough pictures.

this room was only about 1/8 of the size of the whole building. all of the other rooms had ceilings and no trees, but this one had a couple creepy rooms in the back too. there were cats living in the pile of trash. this collage isn't done at all, just a rough sketch since i am doing six of these for a final project.

in two of the front rooms there were kids toys, mcdonalds, exercise equipment, and enormous binders full of hand written notes. in one of the back rooms there were tons of little girls clothing. a little creepy.

in the room which i guess was the main garage (it had 10 garage doors) there was a little booth with a mattress in it. also in that room were piles of empty advil bottles with all of the little green liquigels crushed under broken glass. i was too scared to go in the booth.

there was rotting food everywhere. mostly mcdonalds. this was also in the enormous garage.

we found the outdoor room after that and took photos in awe for an hour. there were so many strange things in this room i couldn't possibly photograph them all.

this room had a water heater and had a slot machine that i forgot to photograph.

this was right next to a tiny room inside of a huge room. the tiny room had hand written notes taped to every inch of the walls...

this basketball hoop was totally random and in the room with the kids' clothes. there were rusty wires coming down from the ceiling. there was also graffiti all over the place because we were obviously not the first ones to find this building.

this room had a mattress in it, and electricity bills pasted to the wall. they started having town meetings about tearing it down in 2005, but the place still has ELECTRICITY. we couldn't find any light switches, but a few of the lights were on. also there was A BURNING CANDLE in this room. it was about half way done burning and we got really scared and i started chain smoking and drinking beer. but we still stayed for a while longer.

you had to go outside and back in another door if you didn't want to climb through the windows.

there are so many other things i could write about this place, but to save space i'll just say that it was awesome and we'll go back someday when we can get other people to come with us. though, hopefully soon because the city is going to tear it down.

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