heroin is a vitamin (______dynomite) wrote,
heroin is a vitamin

i suppose it looks better in black and white.
just trippin around, tryin not to get too overwhelmed with this urge to quit school.
smoke in my eye.

california was glorious
rock storage, desert, mountains
best friend
a school where underage drinking is legal
margaritas and a haircut (i cut all of my hair off)
buying four bottles of tequila at the grocery store and being told that i look like i'm fourteen.
mexican food
learning how to ride a bike in heavy traffic
drunk at three in the afternoon
warmth, not wearing even a sweater the entire time
constant awe
mini golf & a secret menu
the clothing optional floor
almost dying on my way to georgia

i guess i might put some pictures on my computer, though i rarely do that with my film.

zeppelin - whole lotta love

i guess i just want to get high and read about political violence until i can fall asleep.
it still feels three hours earlier.
noisy bicycles
i miss sandwiches
and all that.
hot busted senior
and all that.
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