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i hate confusing and awkward men who call me just to talk.
i hate running around in circles asking myself the same questions all the time.
i hate disinspiration.
i hate packing, and the fact that i won't have a coffee maker during finals.
i hate that it's still so cold.

and i guess i love a few things, too.
i love that i'll be back in new york in eleven days.
i love indian musicians.
i love being done with my papers.
i love having the answers to my tests.
i love making love, and all that.
i love being HIV negative.

and i guess i don't know about everything else. except star wars.
i love star wars.


this spot was so awesome, i couldn't possibly take enough pictures.

this room was only about 1/8 of the size of the whole building. all of the other rooms had ceilings and no trees, but this one had a couple creepy rooms in the back too. there were cats living in the pile of trash. this collage isn't done at all, just a rough sketch since i am doing six of these for a final project.

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i love baltimore. found this destroyed block of houses by reservoir hill yesterday, taught some street kids how to use my camera, and explored a creepy abandoned warehouse today. i'll post a picture of that soon.