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She'll Fuck You Just For The Taste [entries|friends|calendar]
My alter ego is Brenden.

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July 6th, 2008]
[ mood | artistic ]

Yes the subject is correct. Jess is starting her own clothing line...its still a work in progress but so far we have almost all the needed components to make this small growing business successful. The only thing we are currently lacking is money! (haha) to start making the t-shirts. But we're both getting jobs here in PA and the company will be up and running!! Till then keep us in mind....and remember this name! DELICIOUS CLOTHING!!!

if you like Glamour Kills, Rockett Clothing, or Johnny Cupcakes...you'll love Delicious Clothing!!
Im in the makings of lots of promotional banners so if you want to help us out let me know! =]]<33

Love always,


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im head over heals in love. [Friday
April 18th, 2008]
[ mood | bored ]


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MAJORRRR UPDATE YOOOo!!!! =]]]] [Monday
October 29th, 2007]
[ mood | sick ]

i had the best birthday ever....i couldnt have asked for more!!!!!
friday i had dinner at my house with my family, jessKah, & craig...it was nice.
then sat we went to pure and MY FAMILY surprised me and came!!!! STRAIGHT MALES at a gay club!!! omg that is love. Than jess, craig, && nikki sent out a shout out throughout the club from the DJ for a special happy birthday...they surprised me with it...omg it was AMAZING!!!
then last night my ACTUAL bday i woke up and jess gave me tons and tons of happy bdays and happy bday kissies!!! and i gave her our 3 month annive kissies<33 and thats all i expected...i chylled watched tv and lounged around. Jess came home late and the REASON she came home late was cause her meg and stephen had set up this WHOLE surprise for me!!! They made me dinner [all of my favourite dishes!!!] and had cake and gave me presents....omg it was amazing i almost cried!! i almost cried sat too!!! i honestly just wanted to cry.

Meg got me this SUPER cute shirt from AE (cause im an american eagle whore hahah) and $50 bucks in a gift card for there.
Jess got me a pack of cigarettes hahah cause she always takes mine, FERRERO CHOCOLATE!!!!!!, D&G Light Blue<33, && this superrrrrrr cute baby betta fish that is in a baby bottle fish bowl!!!! a;lsfkdja;sldfjasdf that is the CUTESTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTT of all!!!!!! alkdfja omg. well here are some pictures from my bday on sat....we're taking more pictures (and better ones) with our costumes on wednesday! but enjoy these for now =]].

oh i also wanted to share all the amazing bday wishes i recieved!!!!! as a thanks to all the ppl who remembered and cared<3


awerkie (11:22:42 PM): happy birthday

BalletDucky25 (1:45:56 AM): happy birthday woman!


CRaZYMoNKie182 (1:55:43 AM): HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!!!!!
i am BRUTAL baby (1:55:54 AM): i love you dork<333 :-D
CRaZYMoNKie182 (1:56:27 AM): I LOVE YOU MORE DOOF <33
i am BRUTAL baby (1:56:40 AM): IM A GOOF, YOUREEEEEEE A DOOF!! :]

gltypleasurex3 (12:00:20 AM): Happy birthday!
gltypleasurex3 (12:00:52 AM): I hope you're having fun!
gltypleasurex3 (12:01:17 AM): Be safe!
gltypleasurex3 (12:01:24 AM): I love you!

Kstelle2989 (10:55:43 AM): happy bday babygirl!!!

LasciviousFaery (4:31:24 PM): happy birthday bridgette

liddostu (8:16:48 PM): happy birthday bestie. love you.

melissa moxxx (2:24:46 PM): okie dokie maybe ill see u. if not then have fun and happy birthday

Robbin the h00d (1:10:20 PM): I do but... HAPPY BIRTHDAY<33

shellyshellygurl (3:38:18 PM): Happy bday though <33

tomorrwillbeworse@yahoo.com (4:07:22 PM): rents gone this weekend so ill b high or drunk all weekend and will def forget to wish u happy bday so..... HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!!!!!
tomorrwillbeworse@yahoo.com (4:07:29 PM): better early than not at all
tomorrwillbeworse@yahoo.com (4:08:28 PM): just dont X out my im for a few days... assuming im too retarded to figure out how to turn on my computer (which im hoping for) for the next few days, that last IM will be sweet and relevant in a couple days
tomorrwillbeworse@yahoo.com (4:08:30 PM): lol

Xx8blackrosesxX (10:23:27 PM): I LOVE U

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update yo. [Thursday
October 25th, 2007]
[ mood | busy ]

i know i know i havent updated in a while...my life is way too busy right now to keep posting in my LJ everyday. but no one comments anywayyyy sooooo i guess it doesnt matter lmfao.

anyway ill be updating MADD pictures from the passed month or so soon....my bday bash is also this weekend!!!!!!1

friday ima have a family party at my house wiff my baby and craigggg..
than sat is my REAL bday bash at CLUB PURE!!!!!!! a;lsfkjsadfadf so excited....IF YOU WANT TO COME JUST LET ME KNOW FOR SURE AND I CAN PUT YOU ON THE GUEST LIST!!!
andddd sunday is my actual bday. =]] idk what im doing...but its also my baby && i's 3 month annive<33 =].

ive been working at outback in takeaway so ive been pretty much preoccupied.
working, attempting to keep jess' room clean, dr's appts...keeping myself updated and on schedule. you know....being old. lol.

im still trying to keep my ADOLESCENT LIFE alive though hahah....luxe on wednesdays pure on saturdays<33
so yeah all you fagz hagz dykez and tykez need to get your asses over there and party with me. 8].

thats it for now...im waiting for my girlfriend to go to my hair appointment....PEACES YO!!!!!!!

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September 15th, 2007]
[ mood | bored ]

aldfkjsadf okay so im just updating with pictures right now...from my baby's 21st bday parts 1 and 2!! [hooters/krissy's/jessKahs/luxe!!] and like 3 from when her best friend mel came to visit. so yeah ENJOYYY!!! =]]]

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gimmie gimmie moreeeeeeee ;]Collapse )


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August 14th, 2007]
a;lfkjasdf wednesday aug. 22nd bridgette is going to schedule for her classes!!!!!!! SOO fkn happy!! ive been waiting to go back to school for a year. my year off is finally DONE! im sorry if i sound like a nerd but i actually WANT to go to school.

friday i think im ACTUALLY going to my dr as well finally. and now i have to go out and look for a job so i can get my studioo<33 i also need a roommate who would only pay like 200-400 dollars a month. all utilities included AND would obvs have a fabulous IG pool in our backyard<3 its a 1 bedroom/livingroom/kitchen/1bathroom....2 enterances one going in towards the living room and the other towards the bedroom...so im guessing whoever rooms with me i would do a whole sofabed type deal in the living room and yeah...we can work something out. so i need to find someone trustworthy asap!!!

it was gonna be either melissa or jess but im not tech ALLOWED to be friends with melissa anymore =\ and jess is an up in the air situation. so either way i need someone!!!

oh and if someone can help me out job wise that would be AMAZING!!!<3333333 let me know guys!!!! keep me posted♥

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a;ldfjasldfrkjasdlfkasfd blahhhhhhhhhhh [Sunday
August 12th, 2007]
[ mood | worried ]

ugh so last night was the WORST night EVER!!!! i cant even begin to explain. But i probably wont be able to hang out with one of my BEST friends for a while...=\...i dont really want to get into it right now but i will later on. On a brighter note, jess is probably one of the most amazing ppl ive EVER met<3 we're so happy in our relationship in such a short period of time. We can completely be ourselves and both just enjoy it. She's not abusive, aggressive, insincere, selfish, or unstable. She's hardworking, intelligent, caring, CUTEE, dorky, perfect♥ :]....and we're both COMPLETE goofs and LOVES it!!<333 I honestly couldnt be happier and i dont want this to change at all. i heart my twinkletoez♥♥♥ =]]]].

here are some pictures from bubba's bday and just at jess' house in general. AND OF LOLA!!!! slkfjad so yeah enjoy and comment. =]]

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im yours, and suddenly youre mine.<3Collapse )

COMMENT OR I WILL DELETE YOU....i have no problem with that. im tired of posting and having no one comment on the entries.

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videos and pictures GALLORE!! comment bitchezz<33 [Tuesday
August 7th, 2007]
[ mood | bored ]

my baby is silly but cuteee<33 =]]

i also editted another video. i put together a bunch of old and new videos together and made it supah cool for you kidz!! so tell me what you think of it<33 =]

now looky and comment at some pictures from the passed few days that i have neglected to post cause ive been with my babygRL since she's been back from bermudaa<333

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starbucks fiend, AND what!!!♥

we're prettyy sweeeeeeetCollapse )

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pictures like whats gooooood. [Friday
July 20th, 2007]
[ mood | getting drunk. ]

bahahhahahah i dont even have any words to say for this. just look at the rest of the pictures and comment<333

SUPPP merrick & LATE 4th of july picturesCollapse )

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dooo ittt. [Thursday
July 19th, 2007]

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a;slfjasldfsj read read read readddd AND COMMENT/RESPOND PLZZ!!! [Saturday
July 7th, 2007]
[ mood | bored ]

You pay for the ticket MY FAMILY PAYS THE EXPENSE'S!!

its both my sisters bday and my family is going for an entire month and i only want to go for a week. but i DONT want to go alone!!! so yeah if you would like to accompany me on this lovely trip of sun/beaches/resorts/DRINKINGGG/fun. then plz let me knowww. if no one can come with me i might end up not going at all.

OHHH and madddddd pictures from 4th of july coming either later on today or tomorrow!!! soo yeahh check those and commenttt<333 :]]

but in the mean time check out me jess melissa and jenn's sweet new apartment ;]<33 hahahah.

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sitting in joey's kitchen waiting for food to be made. [Sunday
June 17th, 2007]
[ mood | depressed ]

"i should probably call my father"-Me.

i said that today. i forgot he was gone. =[[[...i miss him so much, i cant deal with this anymore. Idk how much longer i can handle this...nobody understands how hard im taking htis and how incredibly impossible it is to go on without him. i couldnt stop crying before. i need to be drunk. extremly fuckin intoxicated. a;lsdkfja;sldkfjas;ldkfasdf

='[[[....happy fathers day daddy<33 i love you and miss you SOOOOO muchhh.♥ plz dont leave my side.

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asdfajsdlfkajsd fughhhhhh.......... [Saturday
June 9th, 2007]
[ mood | depressed ]

me and my daddy<3

im watching the lion king right now. and basically crying. =[
this is gonna sound faggy but this movie literally describes my life in a nutshell (in disney form.)
its scary the similarities in the movie and in my life. and watching this movie makes me really sad =\ but i love it at the same time<33

not to mention fathers day is coming up. buhhhhh........i dont like it. i hate these times of the year. im gonna be so alone that day....i dont want to spend it with my stepdad cause he's an asshole and treats me like shit, and basically has TRIED to control me like he's my father but he's not. my father is dead ughhhhhhhhasldfajsdf =[[[[[[[[=[[[=[asdlkfjalskdf. =\...

i miss you so much daddy♥ ill be with you soon enough.

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takes after meeeeeeeeee<3333 [Thursday
May 31st, 2007]
[ mood | happy ]

thats my baby sister kimberly. she fucking owns ALL of you.

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May 25th, 2007]
[ mood | amused ]

bahahahaha...we're amazing<333 that is why we're best friends.

7 Love confessions to bridgette.

MUY IMPORTANTE!!!!!!!!!!! [Thursday
May 10th, 2007]
[ mood | worried ]

this entry is going to be public...because its a very imporant entry...

my mom and i have gone through some PRETTY bad times. like SUPER bad. only a few of you know exactly whats been happening. well either way she ripped out the phone lines and took away my router so i have almost no contact with ppl.

if i dont get a job by THE END OF THIS WEEK i WILL be kicked out of my house, for good. This is absolutely NOT a joke...so if you can help me out finding a job asapppppppppp thats easy to get to that would be AMAZING.

cause i have to pay for some sort of rent and the gas in my car and probably half of the insurance. but the insurance she's willing to wait on a little bit. so pleasepleasepleaseeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee do me this favor and help me out kids<3333 id REALLY appreciate it.

i dont think youd want poor little bridgeybooz out in the street =[ could you imagine that??? ME....in the STREET...no...lol. thanks a lottt<3333333333333

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April 17th, 2007]
[ mood | cheerful ]

2 Love confessions to bridgette.

April 9th, 2007]
i might be getting ink done today..

im kinda excited, kinda nervous though.
Im getting it done on my hip bone so its probably gonna hurt like a bitch.
oh well, its for my daddy<3 ill take the pain like a champ if i have to.

idk where to go though...i dont want it to be shitty and like ridiculously expensive for no reason.

oh and anybody wants to come with me feel free to do sooooo<3 i have a phobia of doing things alone. lol =]

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FRIENDS ONLY. [Wednesday
January 24th, 2007]
[ mood | apathetic ]

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Leave me an outstanding comment if you wish to be added<3 =] And than ill consider it.
Love Always,

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My last public entry. [Wednesday
January 24th, 2007]
So ive decided to make my livejournal friends only, there is no reason why the WORLD should view my shit. Plus i kind of enjoy the privacy. I might do a couple of public entries...but rarely.

Comment if you want to be added<3 or Comment if you want to be kept..cause im gonna make a friends cut as well...too many friends...none of you comment. Whats the point? Goodbye =]

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