I'm getting ready for a party tonight. It's exciting, I'm happy. <3 Lynn got her license, so now she's my official driver! Yay shows! I got all my pictures back from the last 2 weeks of school. They are some hot stuff. Especially the ones of Me, Amanda, and Diane. OOOOOH man. Archery was the best.

<3 Heather
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"Are you new here?"

Funniest thing.

Went to the middle school for SOCCER physicals, and I'm leaning against the wall and this kid comes over, all shaggy haired, emo looking and totally like.. thirteen. Here's the scenerio.

Boy: Are you new here?
Me: No.
Boy: Oh. I've never seen you here before. What grade are you in.
Me: Highschool.
Boy: Oh. You looked twelve or something.

That's what braces do to you. </3.
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