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J'ai eu un si beau coeur.

Il ne pourrait pas cesser de saigner pour vous.

13 June
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  • im so electrical

call me: tiffy

i'm from: waterford, michigan

i'm this many years old:too old

i speak: english et a little french

i adore: skanking, dancing, moshing, smoking, drinking, the v.p., coffee, weed, debating, snow, holidays, shopping, movies, skirts, boys and girls, not knowing everything, fucking up, and most important: video games (mainly rpg. everquest, etc...) oh, and swearing.

i can't fucking stand: drama, talking me/people down, headaches, feeling stupid

soul music: the spill canvas. sugarcult. okgo. built to spill. daughters. blood brothers. alkaline trio. rob zombie. black sabbath. metallica. alkaline trio. kid rock. dio. dream theatre. hellogoodbye. ugly cassanova. black dahlia murder. elliot smith. daphne loves derby. le tigre. daughters. pg.99. the bled. thrice. alexisonfire. alkaline trio. anti-flag. atreyu. billy idol. billy joel. okgo. less than jake. sage francis.

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