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Everything with the baby seems to be going pretty well. Im so ready for things to be over though. My all stuffy and can barely breath half the time. Everyone keeps telling me that I’ve dropped I don’t know what the hell that means cuz it seems hes always been resting on my knees pretty much but I’ll take their word on it. I see the OB next week and then I see him every week. I have my next ultrasound appointment Thursday and I told my mom-mom she could take me since she’s never seen one before so shes all excited. I don’t know how people go through this more then once maybe I’ve just been having a bad experience. Who knows. Its just the toughest thing I’ve ever had to go through. I can deal with a broken nose and it happening 6 times, I can deal with the whole straving thing, I can deal with my whole cutting phase, but this has just been so hard. Between having to change my entire life-style from sleeping on my tummy, eating the foods I want to eat let alone the portions I want to eat, not being able to sleep at all, being itchy 24/7, feeling sick, back pains, feet pains, cramp pains, totally will never regret getting my period after this though I’ll tell you that much. I thought that was bad. Man I actually miss it somedays. I feel like im on a roller coaster. I’ve gotten all the way to the top and now im looking down going holy shit get me off I change my mind I don’t wanna do this anymore. Its exciting and scary at the same time. I really wanna meet him and just hope he’s well and healthy and everything. I also just want this to be as painless as possible. God I hope they give the c-secion a go. My little Logan I can’t wait to meet him!

i had my shower Sunday. its was a surprise and the people at work threw me one as well. got a lot of froggy stuff so i was happy about that. i was shocked to see Rachel didn't get me anything kermit. shes obsessed with kermit and she knew the theme is frogs and didn't get me one kermit thing. crazy! but she said x-mas is coming so we'll see. Logan is going to have a masters woredrobe i can tell ya that much though this kid already has more cloths then me and rodger put together. i wish i had gotten some need stuff though. like the contor changing table mattress and the mattress for the crib. i think my registry stays up for a year so i can just go in there and order stuff myself. i did get two pack and plays which is nice one less thing i have to tote back and forth from my house to mom-moms as well as jungle matts too. all in all i pretty much made out like a bandet and everything was so nice.
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bitching and baby pix from 3rd ultrasound

so i now have gestational diabetes and have to take my blood sugar 5 times a day let me tell you fun fun. at first it couldn't be above 150 but after seeing the ultrasound doctor yesterday and her telling me that my baby is now 4lbs 5oz that i need to keep it below 130. this is like mission impossible! there is like nothing i can actually eat that makes me feel remotly satisfied (like full or nurished) that will keep my BS at 130 or below. even when i weight out portion sizes and everything im like my god im starving! so i'm sure with in the next few weeks im gonna get a call and their gonna be like wel you have to take insulin for the last two months. which ya know okay normal person would go oh its only 2 months not the rest of your life but to me its still really upsetting. i just keep thinking 67 days kelly just 67 days possibly less since you'll have a c-section and they usually do those two weeks or a week before your due date. i can't wait to get him outa me! anyways enough bitching, heres some pictures with lables from my 3rd ultrasound. :)
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baby news update b4 i go to bed

so i found out yesterday i have gestational diabetes. which so i am told is not very uncommon these days so its not like im worried about some huge new disease. however i am a little upset about it being new to all this kinda stuff im trying to look on the positive side though and figure well at least now i'll be on a strict diet that i MUST stay in control of. i also found out that its too late to do anything about the hernia in the umbilical cord so i pretty much just have to grin an bare it. which SUCKS! 28 months in and im so ready for the ead yet kinda far away. so anyway i now have to go see a diabetes specialist on the 13th as well as get a third ultrasound and from the look of it will prolly be needing about 3 or 4 more before i deliver. the doctor did say that its pretty much a give in c-section though which is what i was planning for anyway. here are some pictures i had gotten from the last two ultrasounds one in July and the second in August.
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im so ready for this pregnancy to be over. i just want to be normal again. i dont want to be depressed one minute and then happy the next then angry another. i feel so alone sometimes. like how he acts like things havent changed that were both two healthy people who can go out and do whatever like we used to but were not the same anymore. i'm pregnant now and things are def not the same.
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well stoopid HTML bullshit i've been screwing with this layout for the past 45 mins and still can't get everything right. i still need to lower my header and some how figure out what went wrong with the font color of my links.

anyways enough bitching about nerdy shit onto baby shtuffin!!!!!!!!!! well we did find out that were having a


my mom wont give me any clue as to when the baby shower is and i dont know if she'll even get the invite list right. so far this pregnancy has been amazing, uncomfortable, and stressful all in one. i still feel sometimes when i wake up an empty feeling like i dont feel so heavy from pregnancy then i look down and am like oh yeah my belly is huge THERES A BABY IN THERE lol. its crazy. and then theres those other days where im like omg just get it outa me! its just my skin is soo far streached that it hurts and itches and i still have 3 months left! can you believe it. and somwetimes i feel constantly full and bloated even if im starving. then there are those days which is pretty much every other day or at least on the days that iam fine theres about and hour or two where im like omg omg omg whats wrong with me i feel an ache here there must be something wrong. or i get all upset over nothing and get myself worried over an ache or a small pain or just start worrying if the baby is okay and if im doing everything i possibly can to have this baby be healthy. then theres the fact that i am HUGE! and im not just talking oh your having a baby noticably huge im talking about people coming up to me going are you having twins or people who are like so when are you leaving work like next week and i go oh no i still have 3 months left and they get shocked. everything supposedly though is fine. i really havent had many complications and those that i have are taken care of now. were still thinking of names which is really hard because it'll be a name he has FOREVER and its gotta be a good one ya know. were going for something origninal like something you dont hear often like Gage or Logan. if any one has any thoughts on kawaii names that'd be much appriciated. :) anyways


Guess whos preggers! haha me. yeah figure i'd start an update with that. i was scared at first but things are well now. i'm trying to quit smoking and its coming along better then i thought. i don't drink so im in the clear with that. and the pot well the pot will prolly linger but i have slowed down. i have my first appointment on the 16th to see how far iam and all that jazz. i'm pretty excited Rodg is esstatic. (spell?) you dont even know. we've already gone through some names.
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havent told the rentals yet but we are this weekend just waiting for everyone to be in a good mood and calm. i know my mom will be fine but my dad will be concerned with money and that kinda thing. but you can't change anything now. and its my issue to deal with not his. and its not like im 14 without a boyfriend. i'm 21 and am engaged, so i think im pretty much set. i have a great job rodg has a great job im an adult now and can deal with things on my own. hell i've been dealing with things on my own since i was like 10 since i really never had a mother and my dad was always working. work is same ol same ol' still hate Brenda but whatever nigga bitch can burn in hell with her horrible work ethic and her bad attitude. and im sick of her treating me like a peice of shit even though i was nothing but nice to her. theres some issues that need to be discussed with the new boss but that'll come in due time.
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i've become an HTML retard. oh well though not like im on here too much anywayz. i'm so sick of Bones and Soki screaming goddamn when will my income tax check come in so they can get fixed. i'm gonna punch bones right in the face. i'm gonna do it i swear. any ways i'm not feeling too well just wanted to come on an rant for a bit.

-love me