so i did it!

i dyed it blue. well just the ends the pix look shitty and its kinda faded but i have more dye that im gonna put in tonight prolly right after i post these pix lol. any ways for your viewing pleasure. as well as new pix of the nursery cuz i dont know if i posted newer pix cuz i changed some shite around :) new hair!Collapse )


so this morning i woke up in an awesome mood then had a mood swing after taking a nap around 11:30 woke up at 1:15 all pissy and cranky. i finally started to feel better even though i was all cramped and my body hurt. rodg and i went to the mall b.c i got paid today and i wanted to treat myself to something b.c i've been putting up with a lot and been feeling like shit. so we went to HT yeah i dont even wanna spell it out lol and i got hair dye not 100% knowing if i should be dyeing my hair in my 3rd trimester or not lol but i'll call my OB later and see what he says. but we both wanted to do blue since we are having a boy lol i just thought it would be kewt. i also had a coupon from Bath and Body so we went there and i got a pair of cozy slippers that are AWESOME! and a free peppermint lotion. it smells sooo effing amazing! lol. and since HT was having a take an additional 50% off clearance stuff i looked around and got a Kakashi t-shirt for like $3. then we went Wolffs and got myself some Mutsu apples, mangos, and bananas. lol i went all out! i really really really wanna dye my hair now but don't know if i should and i feel silly calling my OB and asking lol. idk we'll see.

::grumble grumble::

well in my old journal i took the layout and its not working the way i wanted it to. i want spaces between my entries like on my lipstick_arsen journal but its not working GAHHHH!

anyways the doc said that they didn't want to push labor yesterday b. i am still 36w and they'd rather kick start everything when im 37 weeks which will be wednesday. so they did reassure me that i will not go the full 40 weeks b.c they dont want the baby getting too big and they would rather me go regular then go c-section. so i'm still drinking plenty of fluids and what not and i'm almost 100% sure on wednesday when i go in for my NST they are gonna freak out like have the past two times and take me back to L&D only to have me strapped to the damn IV AGAIN and then send me home 7 hours later. if that happenes and they freak out again im just gonna be like okay is it worth it for me to stay here or can i just go home and let you know when my water breaks cuz i really don't feel like being here forever! GAH! in other news tomorrow is laundry day YAY! the fun never stops. g-nite all
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false labor AGAIN!

its really starting to get me upset. if i have to go back to labor and delivery one more time to have them hook me up to an IV and go through everything all over again and what kills me the most walk past the new baby area, i dont know what i'll do. i recently came home from being at the hospital again today b.c i thought my water broke a little. i did have a trickle around 12 and figured it might just be a mistake so i waited to see if it would happen again. in between that time i started getting some really nasty cramps an contractions and then around 4 i had a little more trickle so i called the doc explained everything and he said come to L&D and we'll check you out. well turns out im still 3cm possibly 4cm depending whose checking me they said got the whole IV treatment all over again like i had Wednesday and then after 5 hours they sent me home saying my contractions started to seperate and i wasn't dialating anymore then where i was already. so i cried all the way home and still feeling a little depressed. i know he'll come when he's ready and im being so patient but it just hurts to walk past all those new babies and today there was about 5 fathers just oogaling the window jabbering "thats my baby" "thats my little boy he's got my nose" and all that good stuff. just made me upset. so i had a little chat with Logan on the ride home an said you come when your ready but please let mommy know the right time lol. rodger laughed and was like we'll if you feel awkward were gonna have to come back but hopfully he'll listen and come when its time and so we wont have to come back here every other day.

patiently waiting
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photos of the nursery

well pretty much the crib lol my mom just got me the Froggy Tales package set we went halfers on it so $75 from me $75 fom her which isn't bad when you spilt it lol. and it hasn't come in yet it comes with all this though.
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false labor blues.

so i've been having lots of contractions lately but they are not close enough together to say i am ready. :( BOO! were actually ready for this baby now though the nursery is all decked out and i've stocked up on diapers, and my bag is packed the baby bag is packed, we've got the car seats in place and everything. i haven't been to work in 3 days i went out on wednesday after my Non-Stress test appointment where i was having contractions so they got me into the OB to see if i was dialated but alas false hopes lol. so Dr. Laver said well since your really swollen i would go home take it easy and put your feet up. haha easier said then done for me. he said if i continue to have more contractions then i should stay home get plenty of fluids and relax. so thursday came and i had my ultrasound that showed the baby at 6lbs 2oz give or take + or - 20% i dont know math so i'll just leave it at that. so that doctor also said if i was having contractions then to just stay home so i did on thursday. went in on friday and let work know i was out till further notice. so now i have an OB appointment on Tuesday at 6:00pm see what he says then after doind my second internal and then i have another Non-Stress test on Wednesday at 7:30am and we'll see what the resluts look like for that. im told that i can't have him the second week of November cuz my mom and a bunch of her friends will be in NJ at the Eddie Money concert. i told her well he's coming wether your ready or not so you better hall ass back here if it happens. and thats the 411 on my situation. keep your fingers crossed for the begining of next week! Wednesday would be nice. :)

baby shower and pictures

so i had my baby shower not last sunday but the sunday before that and i just got around to uploading pix. i got soooo much stuff and i can't even begin to take photos of all the cloths this kid is going to have. i swear he's got a bigger woredrob then me, my mom, rodger, and my dad and brother put together. so he's going to be very well dressed. here are some of the pix and some of the pix of stuff i got that i thought were really kewt. again i only posted like 4 outfits lol but their are some really adorable ones, i can't wait to put him in them and then take pictures. half an hour till HEROES gotta hurry up!Collapse )

.seen better days.

it was like the week from hell this past week and im so glad its over. i'm almost done with all the bullshit and thank god for that. things are just gonna get more crazy though. i had some appointments cancel on me last minute which is totally fucked up and i told them the last time b.c of work they can't do that to me and yet they dont give a shit. so now i have three appointments next week i have wednesday at 7:30am (meaning i have to get up at the butt fuck of dawn after not getting anough sleep) to go do a non-stress test and apparently they want me there every wednesday at 7:30 every week till my delivery. oh great so theres a day that i will dread till this is over, also on wednesday i have a OB appointment at 3 or somthing so i have to leave work early which i know their heated about and im getting sick of running back and forth to HR and whatever but my boss is finally starting to realise okay this is just how it has to be. then on thursday i have my ultrasound appointment oh what fun at 8:15 so im prolly gonna get to work around 9 something which means i'll be a little late and have to stay later. which really wouldn't be that bad if i had some support but i fucking hate that place cuz people are still not doing shit and expecting me and like two other people to pick up all the slack. the boss is a fucking joke. i can't wait till i have my EPR. i better get some fucking fat cash bonus or performance cash or i am going to be so pissed! i will jog my ass to HR so quick it will not be funny in the least and Jim M. the main head hancho in my area knows how much i've been picking up and the stress its causing me and this pregnancy so i know i can count on him for backing me up if anything goes wrong. just give credit where credit is due. people who talk on their fucking cell phones and play videogames all day or read the fucking news paper for 4 hours don't deserve shit.

i can tell you this much when i come back from my leave i will be def taking it easy for a while b.c i am not coming back to hell just to have more panic attacks and then come home to a baby and have to worry if im stable enough to take care of his screaming (if he's a screamer) i dont wanna be one of those stressed out over worked mothers who yells at their kids when its not their fault. maybe i'll figure out if theres a better posting somewhere else in the building but so far the only non lateral move would be CP or CR and im not nearly qualified for that yet. hopefully something will come through though.