loli pops and Kandy Kanes (_______overkill) wrote,
loli pops and Kandy Kanes

hello its me!

so yeah i have been neglecting this journal an im sorry. i dont think anyone really comes in anymore any way but here we go for an update lol. thats all i ever do since im gone so much. anyways Logi is now 4 months and is learning so much. he puts his hands in his mouth constantly and is sleeping so much better now. he's already 15 lbs and 25 inches. its crazy he does not look 4 months especially since were already in 6, 9, and 12 month old cloths.

as for me i'm doing okay. still at my parents but were working on that. i'm down to 120lbs still a long way to go but i joined the gym and love every minute of it. yeah its the one everyone goes to i'll leave it at that. which kinda sucks but i really never see anyone there i know at the times i go so thats good. okay enough of the typing lets just move to the pictures shall we ^_^

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