loli pops and Kandy Kanes (_______overkill) wrote,
loli pops and Kandy Kanes

so yesterday was a good day. naw it was a really good day. we droped the babe off at rodg's moms cuz she hasn't watched him yet then went to the appartment. hung out there for a good bit had some laughs ya know the you-sh. when manda woke up she suggested Habachi on her which was really nice of her. rodg had never been there before so it was a good experiance for him and i hadn't been there in like forever so i enjoied it as well. man i need to go back to skool this entry and prolly all my others look like a 3rd grader wrote them, oh well anyways after Habachi (which i can't wait to go again) we went to the movies to see I am Legend. meh it was okay not the best movie of the year and it had some dry spots where you were like i want to put myself in his place but he's just not convincing enough for me. but a decent movie all in all. it was really a great day indeed. so today is x-mas eve clean-up. fixing up the house, cleaning, doing the wash that sort of thing. im excited to see everyone tomorrow and its Logans first x-mas so thats special. speaking of which we (my mom and i) stood in line for pretty much 2 hours waiting to get santas photo prolly like the second week of Dec. it was ridiculous. on that note i will leave you with his photo lol.

this was our outfit to see Santa in.

He slept the whole time! even the 2 hour wait
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