loli pops and Kandy Kanes (_______overkill) wrote,
loli pops and Kandy Kanes

well im stumped i really dont know how to help him understand day and night. i mean he sleeps when he wants to sleep no amount of noise and distraction keeps him awake. i have noticed though that when he gets a bath he just screams himself eventually to sleep. so if i give him a bath around 8 after his feeding hes usually alseep for 4 maybe 4 and half hours. which is a blessing. we've started tummy time and at first he hated it but now he's getting really good and moving his head around and he can lift his head really well. in mommy news i'm doing pretty well. my mom has been helping out and eric has been amazingly enough been really good with him and doing some feedings. i'm starting to loose all my baby weight. i was 168 (thankfully all baby for the most part and water lol) concidering i was 110 prior 168 was pretty scary but i've gotten down to 140 in the past 2 weeks and still have more water to loose. i'm just happy its mainly water. so im not gonna have to completly starve myself to get back to my original weight. i've been thinking about toneing up too though. i know im def gonna tone up my belly fer sure. not like a 6 pack or anything but maybe an attractive 4 not too muscely not just skinny. ya know. well time for Logan to eat an he's lettN me know about it. toodles :)
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