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BABY IS HERE!!!!!!!!!! Pictures

baby Logan Gage Fitzgerald was born on
November 13 th 2007 at 12:51 am
weighing in at 8lbs 12oz
height 21 inches
birth by c-section

Monday morning was like every other morning that i've had for the past 4 days, achy, cranky, painful, and just down right uncomfortable. i could barely move anywhere laying down hurt my legs and walking was just getting unbarable. so i toughened my way through it got down stairs for breakfast and waited about an hour before taking my diabetest test. well the test showed my blood sugar at 344 which is completly outragious when it should be 130 or below. so my mom freaked out and after an hour of just trying to relax we called the doctor and went to L&D.
so i get to the hospital around 3:00pm they set me up in a double room b.c there were sooo many pregnancies happening monday night. there i sat for about an hour and a half, they checked me to see if i was dialated anymore and i was still at 3 1/2. so i kinda got upset thinking that they would just send me home once again but after another half hour the docotor came in checked my vitals and said ya know what were gonna keep you here tonight just to make sure your okay. my blood sugar actually went down to 190 so that was good.

so i got moved to my own room they hooked me up back to the heart beat monitor and kept a blood pressure monitor on me and an IV. after an hour and a half almost 2 hours they checked my cervix again and i was up to 4 cm. they gave me some patosin to jump start my contractions and then came in the anesisiologist to give me my epidoral. i was kinda scared at first but amazingly enough i really didn't feel anything. so after 15 mins that amazing drug kicked in and my legs and torso went numb which was sooo great b.c. i was ready to not be in anymore pain. after 30 mins they poped my bag and from here i waited awhile b.c they wanted to see how well the patosin was working. well after about 2 hours i hadn't dialated anymore and with my poped bag they wanted to get me ready for the c-section.

i was still pretty numb from the waste down but when you get a c-section they want you to be numb from about the chest down so they gave me another type of med. for the epidoral and got me onto another bed and wheeled me down to the OR. the staff that worked with me was sooo nice i couldn't have had a better staff i really couldn't. i was so out of it when i got to the OR i could hear voices but really couldn't make out faces too much and i remember all i wanted to do was just pass out. i remember my OB saying okay we made the insision and then jokeing about how he dropped stuff in my tummy lol. i didn't feel too much i know some people say you feel pressure an whatnot but i really didn't feel too much of that either which i guess was for the best. so the surgery usually lasts about an hour and i suppose 45 mins into it at 12:51am Tuesday morning our little wonder joined us in the world. i heard the first cry and then almost right after i started to get all teary-eyed and started to cry. rodger was in the room with me holding my hand and i looked at him and he was just letting the tears come out. it was a little hard to breath b.c of the meds so i couldn't cry as much as i wanted to lol. but after they cleaned him off they brought him over to me while my OB was stampling me up and let me look at him and kiss him which followed more tears.
from there they took me to recovery where i was for about an hour and then they got me set up in my own room where i would stay for 4 days. baby had to stay in the ICN for the first 2 days b.c of his blood sugar and the first day he was breathing kinda hard. on thursday they said his sugars were looking good and that he'd be able to go to the nursery. by friday we were both looking really good and they said that we could come home a day early if we wanted so i said sure why not. and thats that. it was an amazing experiance and i feel awkward still not having him inside me kicking and whatnot haha. but i'm sure i'll get over it now that i have my special little guy to hold and look at and love. im so happy and daddy couldn't be happier either.

thank god for epidorals!

daddy all ready

the happy new daddy
all bundled up

and the happy mommy!

uncle eric (my brother)

pop-pop (my dad) Logan yawning

nana (my mom)

on the way home :)

getting ready to be wrapped up. this is actually like the hardest part lol.
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