loli pops and Kandy Kanes (_______overkill) wrote,
loli pops and Kandy Kanes


so this morning i woke up in an awesome mood then had a mood swing after taking a nap around 11:30 woke up at 1:15 all pissy and cranky. i finally started to feel better even though i was all cramped and my body hurt. rodg and i went to the mall b.c i got paid today and i wanted to treat myself to something b.c i've been putting up with a lot and been feeling like shit. so we went to HT yeah i dont even wanna spell it out lol and i got hair dye not 100% knowing if i should be dyeing my hair in my 3rd trimester or not lol but i'll call my OB later and see what he says. but we both wanted to do blue since we are having a boy lol i just thought it would be kewt. i also had a coupon from Bath and Body so we went there and i got a pair of cozy slippers that are AWESOME! and a free peppermint lotion. it smells sooo effing amazing! lol. and since HT was having a take an additional 50% off clearance stuff i looked around and got a Kakashi t-shirt for like $3. then we went Wolffs and got myself some Mutsu apples, mangos, and bananas. lol i went all out! i really really really wanna dye my hair now but don't know if i should and i feel silly calling my OB and asking lol. idk we'll see.
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