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baby shower and pictures

so i had my baby shower not last sunday but the sunday before that and i just got around to uploading pix. i got soooo much stuff and i can't even begin to take photos of all the cloths this kid is going to have. i swear he's got a bigger woredrob then me, my mom, rodger, and my dad and brother put together. so he's going to be very well dressed. here are some of the pix and some of the pix of stuff i got that i thought were really kewt. again i only posted like 4 outfits lol but their are some really adorable ones, i can't wait to put him in them and then take pictures.

you can't see it but i was surprised lol

my cousin taking down great notes

a god friend and my second mom

the cake my mom got me, my theme was froggies for the nursery

room full of stuff

this just came in two days ago

i got two of these so thats one less thing i have to bring back and forth from my mom-moms

lots of bath stuff

he will kill me later for making him wear that little santa hat thing but its gonna be adorable on him lol

i didn't even know H&M had baby stuff!

they make these things with TV's now and you can get B&W or color technology is crazy!

this is awesome is for medicine but its a passy! i also got a passy that can take his temp too. i'm still in shock of all the crazy new stuff they have out.

the dinos came with two books "How do Dinosaurs take baths" and "How do dinosaurs eat dinner"

these bun buns came with a velvetine rabbit book and they are sooooo soft!

i think this is the kewtest thing ever! and its funny b.c i have a leather doll that looks just like this but a little more scary lol, my dad had it when he was a baby and then it got passed down to me. so thats really kewt that my cuz Rach found this guy

my nauna made three of these


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