its been a year since i've written in here thats crazy. life has been pretty crazy with Logan he's 15 months now. i know time flies. ne who i have a facebook now n i rarely check my myspace so if you wanna search me on facebook go right ahead.
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hello its me!

so yeah i have been neglecting this journal an im sorry. i dont think anyone really comes in anymore any way but here we go for an update lol. thats all i ever do since im gone so much. anyways Logi is now 4 months and is learning so much. he puts his hands in his mouth constantly and is sleeping so much better now. he's already 15 lbs and 25 inches. its crazy he does not look 4 months especially since were already in 6, 9, and 12 month old cloths.

as for me i'm doing okay. still at my parents but were working on that. i'm down to 120lbs still a long way to go but i joined the gym and love every minute of it. yeah its the one everyone goes to i'll leave it at that. which kinda sucks but i really never see anyone there i know at the times i go so thats good. okay enough of the typing lets just move to the pictures shall we ^_^
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so yesterday was a good day. naw it was a really good day. we droped the babe off at rodg's moms cuz she hasn't watched him yet then went to the appartment. hung out there for a good bit had some laughs ya know the you-sh. when manda woke up she suggested Habachi on her which was really nice of her. rodg had never been there before so it was a good experiance for him and i hadn't been there in like forever so i enjoied it as well. man i need to go back to skool this entry and prolly all my others look like a 3rd grader wrote them, oh well anyways after Habachi (which i can't wait to go again) we went to the movies to see I am Legend. meh it was okay not the best movie of the year and it had some dry spots where you were like i want to put myself in his place but he's just not convincing enough for me. but a decent movie all in all. it was really a great day indeed. so today is x-mas eve clean-up. fixing up the house, cleaning, doing the wash that sort of thing. im excited to see everyone tomorrow and its Logans first x-mas so thats special. speaking of which we (my mom and i) stood in line for pretty much 2 hours waiting to get santas photo prolly like the second week of Dec. it was ridiculous. on that note i will leave you with his photo lol.
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showing off the babe

had our second doc appointment today and we've gained a lb and a half woot! so now were pretty much 10lbs. which is where he should be. sucky thing is we have like a shite load of infant diapers that we now need to rush outta here. thankfully since he takes in so much formula it wont be incredibly hard. Rodg an i went to the mall today to pick up Mario Party for the DS, havent played it yet but im sure it'll be a blasty blast. sunday we actually got to get outa the house and go to the movies and dinner. we saw Enchanted. it was really kewt and funny. go see it~!
::side note:: - damn its freezing in this house.
anyways here are some new pictures. bath time has gotten better and his cord fell off on tuesday so now we can give him regular baths instead of the difficult sponge baths, plus he'll be able to just pee in the water and not shoot it at me lol. the babesCollapse )

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well im stumped i really dont know how to help him understand day and night. i mean he sleeps when he wants to sleep no amount of noise and distraction keeps him awake. i have noticed though that when he gets a bath he just screams himself eventually to sleep. so if i give him a bath around 8 after his feeding hes usually alseep for 4 maybe 4 and half hours. which is a blessing. we've started tummy time and at first he hated it but now he's getting really good and moving his head around and he can lift his head really well. in mommy news i'm doing pretty well. my mom has been helping out and eric has been amazingly enough been really good with him and doing some feedings. i'm starting to loose all my baby weight. i was 168 (thankfully all baby for the most part and water lol) concidering i was 110 prior 168 was pretty scary but i've gotten down to 140 in the past 2 weeks and still have more water to loose. i'm just happy its mainly water. so im not gonna have to completly starve myself to get back to my original weight. i've been thinking about toneing up too though. i know im def gonna tone up my belly fer sure. not like a 6 pack or anything but maybe an attractive 4 not too muscely not just skinny. ya know. well time for Logan to eat an he's lettN me know about it. toodles :)

i've become that mom

lol that mom that talks about her kid all the time lol and its only been a week lol. yeap Logan is a week old now. i wanted to buy him a turkey costume for Thanksgiving just cuz i thought it would be hilarious. lol but alas could not find one :(. anyways we gave him a bath this week b.c while i was changing him he decided to pee all over himself. mommy hasn't gotten too much sleep in the past 2 days but hopeing that tonight will be different b.c he got man-handled by all the relitives today. lets hope for a good night :) here are some new pictures.

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