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now here is a medal for being so fucking perfect

so perfect at making me miserable

is this game for real, is this for fucking real?
12 December
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  • um yeah dead
my name is Adam.
I love my life..
i'm lame as fuck and everyone hates me...except for the people who love me.


Ah-lEE-shaw on the phone with me. ♥

i hate you. just for future reference.

i've been accepted at hotshotglock

mod @ nonuglyhardcore

layout by escalations

, 36 crazy fists, 7 angels 7 plagues, a fall affair, a life once lost, a static lullaby, a thousand falling skies, a written apology, adam hanners, alcohol, aleesha mcguire, alexisonfire, an albatross, aqua teen hunger force, as cities burn, as hope dies, as i lay dying, ashleigh, at the drive-in, atreyu, bass, black dahlia murder, black my heart, bleeding through, blood brothers, blood for blood, bodiesinthegearsoftheapparatus, bruce banner, btbam, bucket full of teeth, bury your dead, bury your fucking dead, byd, capital tragedy, casey jones, chain smoking, circle takes the square, converge, copeland, curbstomp smile, curl up & die, danzig, darkest hour, daughters, dead to fall, demon hunter, dillinger escape plan, dogpile, eighteen visions, emery, eva fucking suarez, evergreen terrace, every time i die, existentialism, fake scene kids, fall river, family guy, fearbeforethemarchofflames, fight club, figure four, flogging molly, from autumn to ashes, fuck im dead, full blown chaos, georgia, girl pants, godspeed you! black emperor, grindcore, guitar, hardcore, hatebreed, horse the band, hot wings, hxc, if hope dies, ikilledthepromqueen, in due time, inane, interpol, it dies today, jenny piccolo, jordans car, kids like us, killwhitneydead, kissing, leavenworth, little girl shirts, love.lies.bleeding, luti-kriss, madball, metal, mewithoutyou, minor threat, modest mouse, moshing, music, my american heart, myla, neil perry, nora, norma jean, old underoath, on broken wings, outbreak, placebo, playing shows, premonitions of war, pretty girls make graves, q and not u, reaching without arms, remembering never, rory, round for round, scars of tomorrow, seventh star, sex positions, shai hulud, shed for you, showbread, shows, smash, solo neas, terror, the academy, the agony scene, the black dahlia murder, the bled, the blood brothers, the chariot, the juliana theory, the locust, the postal service, the sleeping, thirty called arson, three 6, throwdown, thursday, tight pants, tony danza tapdance extravaganza, tyranny of shaw, ugly hair, underoath, unearth, until the end, walls of jericho, zao