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Turn down the beating of my heart

16 September

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_ _ _ _ _ _ _NotIt
We are a forest of lives,
We grow tall and wide.
We won't ever be cut down.

Name's Mallory. I'm not your typical teenager. I'm not obsessed with how popular I am. In fact, I don't care to be popular. I couldn't care less who likes and who doesn't. I have a few friends I wouldn't trade for the world, and thats all I need. I'm not materialistic. I don't worry about what group to belong to. Cliques are stupid. I wear anything from band t-shirts to American Eagle. To me they are just clothes, mere cotton, nothing more, nothing less. You can stereotype me with your ignorance all that you want, but it won't make it true. I have will power, unlike most teenagers. I don't give into peer pressure. I'm not going to do something because everyone else is doing it or because its the "cool" thing to do. If I did, it'd just make me an idiot. I have strong opinions and I love to share them. I also love to debate them. I'm not going to pretend to be anything. I am who I am, and if you don't like me, so what, just don't talk to me. I'm not going to waste my time trying to act sad so I can be "emo." Life is short and I want to live every day to the fullest.

Carpe Diem!

Marriage is about love, not the sex of the couple.

You can lead me to the bloodbath, but you can't make me drink.

Give me more HUGS, please!?

Get hugs of your own

my pet!

We held hands on the last night on earth.
Our mouths filled with dust, we kissed in the fields and under trees,
screaming like dogs, bleeding dark into the leaves.
It was empty on the edge of town but we knew everyone floated
along the bottom of the river.
So we walked through the waste where the road curved into the sea
and the shattered seasons lay,
and the bitter smell of burning was on you like a disease.
In our cancer of passion you said, "Death is a midnight runner."
The sky had come crashing down like the news of an intimate suicide.
We picked up the shards and formed them into shapes
of stars that wore like an antique wedding dress.
The echoes of the past broke the hearts of the unborn
as the ferris wheel silently slowed to a stop.
The few insects skittered away in hopes of a better pastime.
I kissed you at the apex of the maelstrom and asked
if you would accompany me in a quick fall,
but you made me realize that my ticket wasn't good for two.
I rode alone.
You said, "The cinders are falling like snow."
There is poetry in despair, and we sang with unrivaled beauty,
bitter elegies of savagery and eloquence.
Of blue and grey.
Strange, we ran down desperate streets and carved our names in the flesh of the city.
The sun was stagnated somewhere beyond the rim of the horizon
and the darkness is a mystery of curves and lines.
Still, we lay under the emptiness and drifted slowly outward,
and somewhere in the wilderness we found salvation scratched
into the earth like a message.


The night time is so pretty with all the stars above your eyes
I'm sneaking out and making ties
States that keep us far apart
Track the beating with a chart mark the rhythyms that I shook everytime I caught you look

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