Friends cut

Friends Cut!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Thanks. &I just want to say, even if I cut you, I still love you. The only reason I really cut people is because we were never really that close. &I don't think I really needed a friends cut, I just needed to de-junk my friends list.

Also all those who have been cut will be deleted tommorow, or later tonight.
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Holy, Friends Only, WTF?

This Journal is

Friends Only


01. Type like an idiot, and I'll fucking put a bullet in your head.

02. Do NOT make fun of any of my friends or you will be deleted from my friends list.

03. If you steal any pictures of me, then I'm going to kill you.

04. Add me first.

05. Copy and paste the text in the table below to your comment to my friends only banner and fill it out, if you have not been on my friends list before.