happy b-day hides

Happy Birthday to Heidi
today i went to physical therapy
it was painful and relaxing
i love when i get the massage at the end
here's another psp photo
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woo hoo

who got a new computer?
i gotta new computer
oooohhh yeaaaaaaah

my laptop finally went ka-put
so my grandfather and i went to best buy and bought a 564 gateway with a 17 in moniter
it also came with a webcam and's awesome

anyways, im going to long island in like an hour or so
i get to see rich, yes!

the road is clear

he loves me
or so he thinks
maybe he's blinded
just by relief
am i his short term gratification?
i want to be there for him
and i know he'll always be there for me
or will he?
he's moving
and i'm moving
and things won't be the same
oh how i hate life's twists and turns

(no subject)

He's amazing
Amazing I tell you
He makes me feel like no other
He's sweet, attractive, not too aggresive but just aggresive enough to reel me in
The boy of my dreams as come along
We'll see where this goes
Already imagining the worst :(

i hate my family

why does my grandfather look for ways to make me get upset?
does he enjoy wathing me cry?
does he enjoy watching me squirm?
he must because he does it an awful lot

an awful fucking lot
"ya know lindsey, hickeys are disgusting. they show a boy has no respect for you."
what the fuck!? no wonder hwy i don't tell him anything
because he ridicules
and judges
without knowing a god damn thing


today was awesome
saw nick, made out
saw chris, laughed my ass off
saw mike, almost made out
saw neneh, nick, shaba and some other people, t'was very nice seeing them...neneh at least
saw melissa, miss her muchly

overall, today was grand
oh yeah and i gotz tipzaaayy!

eh, why not

1. Copy and paste your friends list.
2. If you've friended multiple journals by the same person, delete all but the "main" one.
3. Bold the name of everyone you know or have met in "real life."
4. Italicize the name of everyone you've spoken to on the phone.
5. Underline the name of everyone you've chatted with online.
6. [Bracket] people you've known, online or off, for more than five years.
7. Turn family members red
8. Pass it on.

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