L!nD$eY (_______discomix) wrote,


Why am i so confused when it comes to you?
I think i want you but then i realize...i may not

But in the end i know you're what i need
You're kind, you're sweet, you're funny, you're just right for me
Should we go through this again?
Am I stopping it before all hell breaks loose?

But I love you...
I really do and to not be with you is not a choice
Or is it?
See, I keep second thinking myself which is a great flaw of mine
What am I to do?
I don't want to hurt you again, no, no, no..
But now I feel I'll hurt you either way
If I am with you or if I'm not with you

Why is this so hard?

  • yeah!

    new journal guys!!! bangbangshotyou i think i may finally be able to move on

  • sweet

    im happy again for the most part maybe i'll keep my journal but i mean... i havent been paying much attention to my communites and i know people are…

  • everyone do it!

    everyone add my myspace and tell me what you think about my latest blog i need feedback like crazy!

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